Singing since 1914
Singing since 1914  

Concert Etiquette


Concert Etiquette

In order to project professionalism and unity to the audience, please observe our concert etiquette.

Be sure to turn off your mobile phone.  You may not use water bottles during the performance.


The Performance

You will be given a designated order for walking in. Please do not talk when you walk in, and do not wave or signal to members of the audience.

After walking to the choir stalls, you should stand and wait until everyone has reached their seat. When everyone has done so,  the choir sits in unison.

When the conductor enters the stage, you should stand when he reaches podium.  He will indicate when to sit and stand throughout the concert.  When you are seated and not singing, your focus should be on the soloists. Avoid fidgeting with the score.


At the end of the concert

Sit as soon as the conductor and soloists initially leave the stage.  When the conductor returns,  remain seated until he indicates that the choir should stand to receive applause. 

Applaud the conductor, soloists and players only while seated.

When the conductor and soloists have finally left the stage, file out of the choir stalls. This will be in reverse order from entry at the start of the concert.

A detailed concert brief is usually sent to members a couple of weeks before a concert. 


The photograph shows us singing at a concert at Fairfield Halls. We usually wear formal dress at big occasions like that.  For our summer concert the men  dispense with DJs and appear in shirt-sleeves, sometimes with a red bow tie. The women dress less formally too.

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