Singing since 1914
Singing since 1914  

Croydon Philharmonic Choir 

The Croydon Philharmonic Choir is the largest and longest-established choir in Croydon. We have been singing for more than 100 years and perform four concerts each year. We have around 100 members who comprise four choral sections: soprano, alto, baritone and bass.  We have an extensive repertoire, ranging from classic choral pieces to contemporary music. (Find more about our history here.)


We have an inspirational music director, David Gibson, who challenges us to bring out the best in ourselves.   We have a strong reputation for staging great concerts and sending our audiences home buzzing with excitement.



JOIN US!  We are a friendly, sociable choir and always give potential new members a warm welcome - click on the link to find out more.  And our News Page has the latest information about some exciting membership offers (click on the link).  


HEAR US!  Click on the link to go to our News Page where you can watch a film of us singing.    


SEE US!  The link takes you to our list of concerts for 2022.  


We look forward to seeing you, whether you are thinking about joining us, or would like to come to our next concert.  Either way, we promise you a great time!


We have resumed rehearsals after our summer break.  Following our wonderful concert at Croydon Minster on June 18, when we combined with the Croydon Male Voice Choir to stage a joint performance by the two choirs, we have more exciting events in prospect.  On Sunday October 9 we are singing the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Hiawatha at the Fairfield Hall (image above). The concert is led by the London Mozart Players and we will be singing with the Royal Choral Society. We are performing with the London Mozart Players again in a Christmas concert at the Fairfield Halls on Tuesday December 6.  We are thrilled by these opportunities to peform with top professional orchestras and choirs, and we have further delights lined up for 2023 - see our Concerts Page.   

The photograph shows us singing at a concert at Fairfield Halls. We usually wear formal dress at big occasions like that.  For our summer concert the men  dispense with DJs and appear in shirt-sleeves, sometimes with a red bow tie. The women dress less formally too.

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