Singing since 1914
Singing since 1914  

The choir history in full 


compiled by Margaret Ibbott, CPC


Much information is taken from ‘Croydon Philharmonic Society – Forty Years of Singing 1914 – 1954’ by Henry A. Sharp F.L.A., Vice-President of the Society; from the 50 Choral Years programme of 1964, and from ‘Croydon Philharmonic Society 75 Years 1914 – 1989’’.


The Society formed as The Croydon Sacred Harmonic Society by Alan J. Kirby, a friend of the composer, Edward Elgar. Singing membership was about 75, which grew to 170, the maximum number possible in the concert hall accommodation in Croydon.


Unless otherwise stated, the choir was conducted by Alan J. Kirby.  Ethel Kirby was the accompanist.


                                                            MENDELSSOHN  ‘ELIJAH’

           Soloists:    Lilian Styles-Alan     Annie Johnson     John Booth     Robert Radford

           London Symphony Orchestra

           Conductor: Alan J. Kirby                                                                                      Croydon Parish Church

                                                                                                                                           (Now Croydon Minster)

1916                                                              HANDEL MESSIAH

         With a chorus and orchestra of 130

         Conductor:  Alan J. Kirby                                                     The West Croydon Congregational Church

1916                                                               First Carol Concert

          Many members on active service, including Alan Kirby.  E Rowland Tims acted as deputy



1917  Rehearsals were suspended.  The choir was kept together with social activities.


1919 JANUARY             Renamed  The Croydon Philharmonic Society

          First performances were in the North End Hall (later named the Civic Hall).  After the war

          performances were given in the Bath Halls.  ‘Quite the most uninspiring and

          uncomfortable hall imaginable – a bare building with a wooden floor laid over the top of a

          bath.  Chairs had to be hired, dusted and arranged and numbered.  Table tops and trestles

          sufficient to seat an orchestra of 50 were hired and nailed together.  Timber of all descriptions

          was collected and transformed into tiering for the choir.  The choir eventually raised enough   

          money for the construction of a permanent sectional platform’. 

          MAY   The first peace-time concert consisted of appropriate music by British composers,

          including ELGAR’S SPIRIT OF ENGLAND, with the London Symphony Orchestra.


         JULY                                          THANKSGIVING FOR PEACE 

                                                                   HANDEL MESSIAH  


London Symphony Orchestra                                                                              Croydon Parish Church

          ‘many hundreds of people………not being able to obtain admission’.

          SEPTEMBER, Peace Day.  Massed singing outside the Town Hall, on Duppas Hill and at

          Grangewood, where the choir led the singing of patriotic airs.



1920(?)                                           COLERIDGE-TAYLOR HIAWATHA

                                       A new work for the repertoire of the Croydon composer.


1921                                                   ELGAR SPIRIT OF ENGLAND

                                                        PARRY PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN


1922 Combined with the Croydon Symphony Orchestra.  The first performance by the choir of      

                                                         ELGAR’S ‘DREAM OF GERONTIUS’.

           Soloists:                       Olga Haley    John Adams     Harold Williams

          Croydon Symphony Orchestra

          Conductor: Alan J. Kirby

          The performance was repeated later in the year with John Coates as Gerontius and attracted

          the serious attention of the national critics.


1922 - 1924                                                VERDI REQUIEM   

          Performed twice. 

1923  H. C. J. Churchill is the accompanist.         

1925 W.E. Ball is the accompanist

                                                          ELGAR DREAM OF GERONTIUS


                                                                 ELGAR THE KINGDOM

           Soloists:      Dorothy Silk    Gladys Palmer     John Booth      Harold Williams

           Croydon Symphony ‘leavened by a few members of the London Symphony Orchestra’.




                                                                MENDELSSOHN ELIJAH

          Soloist: Horace Stevens



1928 JAN. 31st                 Concert version of MONTAGUE PHILLIPS THE REBEL MAID.

          Soloists:                       Miss Kathlyn Hilliard          Miss Barbara Pett-Fraser

                                Mr. Edward Shakespeare    Mr. Thorpe Bates        Mr. Edward Halland.

          May 5th.                                          MENDELSSOHN ELIJAH.

          Soloists:               Miss Bella Baillie  (Isobel Baillie)         Miss Ethel Barker

                                                   Mr. Archibald Winter     Mr. George Baker.

          Music Directors: W.H Reed, F.R.A.M.

                                        Alan J. Kirby                                                                                             North End Hall 

          Orchestra and choir separated.

                                                             CROYDON TRIENNUAL FESTIVAL


                                          HOLST TWO PSALMS      Bach Violin Concerto in E major

                                                            Reed Elegie for Organ and Strings

         Conductor: Alan J. Kirby                                                                                        Croydon Parish Church

         NOV. 8th                                            ELGAR THE KINGDOM

         Principals:                       Miss Dorothy Silk              Miss Muriel Brunskill,

                                                           Mr.Parry Jones       Mr. Harold Wlliams

         London Symphony Orchestra

         Croydon Players

         Conductor: Sir Henry Wood                                                                         Choir 171             Baths Hall

         NOV. 10th.                Stanford The Last Post      Austin The Hymn of Apollo

                                                           Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 5

                                                        Coleridge-Taylor Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast

                                                             Handel Three Operatic Choruses

                                                                Reed A New Orchestral Work

         Artistes:         Miss Violette Browne    Mr. Tudor Davies     Mr. Edward Shakespeare,

                                      Mr. Roy Henderson    Miss Harriet Cohen    Mr. Albert Sammons,

                                                        Mr. W. H. Reed    Mr. Joseph Slater.

         Chorus of 180 voices

         Organist to the Festival: Mr. H. Leslie Smith

         London Symphony Orchestra

         Chorus Master:  Mr. Alan J. Kirby



1928/1929 (?)                           Sir Edward German’s MERRIE ENGLAND

          Sir Edward accepted the office of Vice-President of the choir, which he held until his death.


1929                                                    ELGAR DREAM OF GERONTIUS

         Soloists:                    Margaret Balfour       Steuart Wilson       Keith Falkner

                                                                      HANDEL MESSIAH      

         Soloists:                                 Isobel Baillie          Betty Bannerman

                                                              Trefor Jones    Horace Stevens

         Conductor: Alan J. Kirby


1930                                              BACH PEASANT AND COFFEE CANTATAS

         Soloists:                   Elsie Suddaby       Edward Shakespeare     Roy Henderson

         Garden Party in order to raise funds to finance the Elgar Festival, opened by Madame Clara


         NOVEMBER                                 EDWARD GERMAN TOM JONES

         Soloists:                   Kate Winter     Joan Elwes     Topliss Green       George Baker


1931 MAY(?)                                               ELGAR THE APOSTLES

         First performance by the choir.


1931 NOVEMBER (?)                        ELGAR THE DREAM OF GERONTIUS   

         Soloists:                      Enid Cruickshank       Heddle Nash       Horace Stevens

         London Symphony Orchestra

         Conductor:  SIR EDWARD ELGAR                                                                                               Choir 150

         DECEMBER – The first large-scale Christmas concert


1932  MAY                                                    ELGAR THE KINGDOM

            Soloists:                               Miss Isobel Baillie          Miss Astra Desmond,

                                                              Mr. Eric Greene     Mr. Harold Williams

           Conductor:  Alan J. Kirby.

           NOVEMBER                             HANDEL SOLOMON (shortened version)

                                                                      BACH COFFEE CANTATA

                                             BARON FREDERIC D’ERLANGER THE LORD’S PRAYER


1933  MAY 6th                                              ELGAR THE APOSTLES

           Soloists:                          Isobel Baillie      Astra Desmond     Eric Greene

                                                Frank Phillips     Arthur Cranmer     Harold Williams 

           London Symphony Orchestra

           Conductor: SIR EDWARD ELGAR

           NOVEMBER                                     MENDELSSOHN ELIJAH

           Soloist:  Harold Williams as Elijah

           London Philharmonic Orchestra


1934  FEBRUARY/MARCH?                   CARMEN (concert version)

            Soloists:            Olive Groves     Enid Cruickshank      Henry Weddon      Dennis Noble


1934  APRIL                                                       VERDI REQUIEM

                                                                   (The society’s London debut)

           Soloists:               Eva Turner     Muriel Brunskill     Frank Titterton     Harold Williams

           London Symphony Orchestra

           Conductor:  Dr. Adrian Boult                                                                              Queen’s Hall, London  


1935  MAY 4th.                                                 ELGAR FESTIVAL             

                                                                ELGAR DREAM OF GERONTIUS

           Soloists:                      Astra Desmond      Steuart Wilson       Roy Henderson 

           London Symphony Orchestra

           Conductor:  Alan J. Kirby

           MAY 7th  An orchestral concert

           MAY 9th  Orchestral and choral concert, including

                      The Music Makers, Sea Pictures,  Choral Songs From the Bavarian Highlands

             Soloist:  Margaret Balfour

           MAY 11th.                                           ELGAR THE KINGDOM

            Soloists:        Isobel Baillie    Mary Jarred     Percy Manchester     Harold Williamson

            Conductor:  Alan J. Kirby.                                                                                                           Choir 170     

            3000 tickets sold throughout the festival                                                    

            The choir became accepted as an Elgar society, Alan Kirby a true interpreter of Elgar’s music.

            At the conclusion of the Festival a cheque for £1000 (raised from the festival concerts and

            with the help of a ‘private donor’) was presented to the Croydon General Hospital for the

            endowment of a bed ‘In memory of Edward Elgar, Master of the King’s Music.  Endowed in

            perpetuity by the Croydon Philharmonic Society’.


1936   The beginning of financial assistance from public funds administered by the National

            Federation of Music Societies, of which Alan Kirby was co-founder and chairman.

1936   Montague Phillips’ ‘Rebel Maid’, Granville Bantock’s ‘Pageant of Human Life’. Handel’s


            Soloists through the year: Olive Groves, Elsie Suddaby, Robert Easton, Topliss Green, Stuart

            Robertson, Frank Titterton.


1937   Miss K. M. Guthrie L.R.A.M. is the accompanist.

            February?                                VAUGHAN WILLIAMS  ‘FIVE TUDOR PORTRAITS’.


            Soloists:                                          Astra Desmond      Roy Henderson

            With the BBC Chorus

            BBC Orchestra 

            Conductor: Sir Adrian Boult                                                                                              Queen’s Hall

            (Six weeks’ rehearsal, 3 rehearsals a week).

            ‘At the end of the year’ there was a repeat broadcast performance in Croydon, with

             Sir R. Vaughan Williams in the audience.  

            ‘A few weeks later’                           ELGAR THE APOSTLES

            Soloists:                                   Astra Desmond           Isobel Baillie    

                                 Eric Greene      Frank Phillips      Norman Walker    Roy Henderson

            Conductor: Alan J. Kirby                                                              Queen's  Hall                                                            

            ‘This was to be the year that saw the choir placed firmly on the musical map of London’.

           (‘Forty Years of Singing 1914 – 1954’ by Henry A. Sharp, F.L.A., a Vice-President of the Society)


                                           Madrigals and part songs by Elgar, Stanford and others

            Soloist:  Stuart Robertson

1938  DECEMBER(?)                 Sir George DysonCANTERBURY PILGRIMS’

                                                   Coleridge-Taylor’s Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast

             Soloists:              Mary Hamlin     Percy Manchester     Joseph Farrington

             London Symphony Orchestra                                                                                          

             Conductor: Sir George Dyson                                                                           Civic Hall                               


1939                                                               SILVER JUBILEE YEAR.

                                                                       MENDELSSOHN ELIJAH

          Soloists:              Isabel Baillie     Gladys Ripley     Edward Reach     Harold Williams

                                                                ELGAR DREAM OF GERONTIUS

                                                             Part of the London Music Festival

                             With the Royal Choral, The Bradford and the Huddersfield Societies

         Soloists:                         Gladys Ripley       Heddle Nash       Harold Williams 

         Conductor: Dr. Malcolm Sargent.                                                                                 Royal Albert Hall  

War was declared in September.  Rehearsals were cancelled for the time being.

Six performances were given during the first 3 years of the war:  ‘Messiah’, ‘Elijah’,  ‘Hymn of Praise’

At one of the performances of Messiah in the Parish Church, to celebrate the bi-centenary of its first

performance, many people were unable to obtain admission.


1943                                                               ELGAR THE KINGDOM

           Soloists:     Isabel Baillie      Astra Desmond     Harold Bradbury      Henry Cummings

                                                                       HAYDN THE CREATION

                                                       Invitation by Wimbledon Choral Society

           Soloists:               Isabel Baillie              Jan Van Der Gucht              Henry Cummings

           G.D. Cunningham (organ)

           Boyd Neel Orchestra                       

           NOV. 13th.  At 3pm                          HAYDN THE CREATION

           Soloists:                 Mary Hamlin             Jan Van Der Gucht             Tom Williams

           London Symphony Orchestra

           Conductor: Alan Kirby                                                                                                                   Civic Hall


1944  APR. 29th. At 3pm                              ELGAR THE APOSTLES

                                                                      (The last part broadcast)

           Soloists:                                   Joan Taylor            Astra Desmond

                               Bradbridge White   George Pizzey    Roy Henderson    Norman Walker.

           The Florian Ladies’ Singers

           The London Symphony Orchestra  

           Conductor: Alan Kirby                                                                                                                   


1945   Miss Mary Childe L.R.A.M. is the accompanist.                                                         

                                                                         ELGAR THE APOSTLES



                                                                          ELGAR THE KINGDOM

            Soloists:                                       Isabel Baillie    Kathleen Ferrier

            SEPTEMBER                 Vaughan Williams’ ‘THANKSGIVING FOR VICTORY’

                                                                     (First concert Performance)

                                                                           Promenade Concert

           The first performance, and conducted by the composer.     

           Conductor:  Sir Adrian Boult                                                                                        Royal Albert Hall

           DECEMBER                              BEETHOVEN’S CHORAL SYMPHONY

           Conductor:  Alan Sherman                                                                                            Royal Albert Hall


1946  FEBRUARY                        Vaughan Williams’ ‘THANKSGIVING FOR VICTORY’

                                                                        ELGAR’S ‘FOR THE FALLEN’

            Croydon Symphony Orchestra

            Conductor: Sir Ralph Vaughan Williams                                                                                 Civic Hall 


            The first Good Friday performance of ‘MESSIAH’ in the Davis Theatre, Croydon.  3000 present.


                                                                             VERDI REQUIEM

                                                         (‘The best choir in the south of England’)


            MAY                                              ELGAR THE DREAM OF GERONTIUS

            Soloists:                    Kathleen Ferrier      Jan Van Der Gucht        Roy Henderson

           THE FRIENDS’ ASSOCIATION formed.

           NOVEMBER                         The Delius Festival at the Royal Albert Hall


          The male voice section with the Stock Exchange Male Voice Choir

          Conductor:  Richard Austin.

                                                                           ‘SONGS OF FAREWELL’

          Conductor:  Sir Thomas Beecham.                                                               Central Hall, Westminster


         35 members of the choir were invited by the B.B.C. to make a carol recording for transmission

         to North America.


1947   Good Friday                                      HANDEL MESSIAH                                                            Civic Hall


                                                                              KING OLAF                                                                   Civic Hall


                                                VAUGHAN WILLIAMS FIVE TUDOR PORTSRAIT

                                                                        and BENEDICITE

                                                                     Promenade Concert  

            With the B.B.C. Chorus

            Conductor: Sir Adrian Boult

            OCT. 12th.                      VAUGHAN WILLIAMS SEA SYMPHONY  

                                                            and FIVE TUDOR PORTRAITS

                       In the presence of the composer and in celebration of his 75th birthday

            Soloists:                    Ena Mitchell    Astra Desmond    Roy Henderson

            London Symphony Orchestra

            Conductor: Alan J. Kirby                                                                                                       Dorking Halls

            The concert was repeated a little later in Croydon, again with the composer present.


1948   MARCH                                            ELGAR THE APOSTLES

            Soloists:                                Elsie Suddaby          Kathleen Ferrier


                                  Ronald Bristol    Roy Henderson    George Pizzey     Harold Williams

             The Florian Lady Singers    

             London Symphony Orchestra                                                                                                    Civic Hall

            JUNE                                                MENDELSSOHN ELIJAH

            Soloists:              Ada Alsop,    Gladys Ripley      William Herbert     Harold Williams

            The Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

            Conductor: Alan J. Kirby                                                                                                      Davis Theatre

            NOV. 21st.                              ELGAR THE DREAM OF GERONTIUS

            Soloists:                   Gladys Ripley         Heddle Nash          Norman Walker

            The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

            Conductor: Alan J. Kirby                                                                          Choir: 166         Davis Theatre  

            DEC. 18th.                                  CHRISTMAS MUSIC   3pm and 7.30pm

            Soloists:                                 Hilda Dobbs (mezzo)           Fabian Smith (bar)

            Leon Goossens (oboe)

            Edward Shakespeare and Ruby Reynolds (accompanists)

            Conductor: Alan J. Kirby Hon. R.A.M.                                                      Choir 166                Civic Hall


1949   APR. 15th. (Good Friday) at 2.30pm     HANDEL MESSIAH

            Soloists:                 Elsie Morison     Janet Howe     Heddle Nash     Norman Walker

            Southern Philharmonic Orchestra

            Conductor: Alan J. Kirby Hon. R.A.M.                                                     Choir 166         Davis Theatre    

            MAY 14th.                                              ELGAR THE KINGDOM

            Soloists:            Ena Mitchell    Astra Desmond    William Herbert    Hervey Alan

            London Symphony Orchestra

            Conductor: Alan J. Kirby                                                                            Choir 166                 Civic Hall


1950   JANUARY (?)                              Sir George Dyson’s  ‘QUO VADIS’.

                                                        The first performance in the south of England

            Soloists:                 Isobel Baillie     Gladys Ripley     Heddle Nash     Gordon Clinton

            London Symphony Orchestra

            Conductor:  Sir George Dyson

            ‘A new, intensely serious modern work’.  All tickets sold.  Kodaly was in the audience.

             GOOD FRIDAY                                      HANDEL MESSIAH

            MAY (?)                                             BACH MASS IN B MINOR


1951                The year of the Festival of Britain and the opening of the Royal Festival Hall

                   The choir was the only choir outside London invited to take part in the opening concert.

              Miss K. M. Guthrie L.R.A.M. is the accompanist.

 JAN. 20th.                                                 PARRY BLEST PAIR OF SIRENS

                                                                                 Bliss Pastoral

                                                                      ELGAR THE MUSIC MAKERS

             Singer: Nancy Evans

             Edward Walker (solo flute)

             The London Symphony Orchestra

             Conductor: Alan J. Kirby                                                                                 Choir 171           Civic Hall

              MAY 5th                                              ELGAR THE APOSTLES

             Soloists:                                          Ena Mitchell   Gladys Ripley 

                                William Herbert    Arthur Copley    Harold Williams    Roy Henderson

             The Florian Lady Singers

             The London Symphony Orchestra

             Conductor: Alan J. Kirby                                                                               Choir 149             Civic Hall

             MAY 17th         Contribution to a recital of choral music at the Croydon Parish Church.

              Soloist: Elsie Sudbury

              Organist: Edward Shakespeare F.R.C.O.

              MAY 24th   Contribution to a recital of choral music at St. Aubyn’s Church, Upper Norwood

              Soloist: Elsie Sudbury

              Organist:  Edward Shakespeare F.R.C.O.

              MAY 31st.                                 COLERIDGE TAYLOR PROGRAMME

                                                                  Including Hiawatha Parts 1 and 2

              Soloists:                       Gwen Catley        Webster Booth      Dennis Noble

              Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

              Conductor: Alan J. Kirby                                                                                                    Davis Theatre              

                                                                      PROMENADE CONCERT

                                                                   ELGAR THE MUSIC MAKERS                                 Royal Albert Hall

              Sir Malcolm Sargent was taken ill, and Alan Kirby was asked to take his place – perhaps the

              only occasion on which a Promenade Concert has been conducted by an amateur.

                                           Remembrance Day concert at The Royal Festival Hall

                                                   ELGAR’S ‘FOR THE FALLEN’ and ‘TO   WOMEN’.

              Conductor:  Sir Malcolm Sargent.                                                                         Royal Festival Hall


1952    Miss Doris Veale is the accompanist.

             JANUARY                                              HANDEL SOLOMON

             APRIL (?)                                                 FAURE REQUIEM


             Month?                                    VAUGHAN WILLIAMS SEA SYMPHONY

             NOVEMBER (?)                          HANDEL ODE TO ST. CECILIA’S DAY

                                                       BRAHMS FOUR PART SONGS FOR LADIES’ VOICES

                                                                                LISZT PSALM XIII

             Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

             Conductor: Sir Thomas Beecham                                                                           Royal Festival Hall

             The concert was repeated in Croydon at the beginning of 1953.

             Month(?)                           VAUGHAN WILLIAMS SINFONIA ANTARTICATA

                                                                      The first London performance

             A small section of the ladies of the choir

             Halle Orchestra

             Conductor: Sir John Barbirolli                                                                                 Royal Festival Hall

             The following day the ladies took part in a broadcast of the work overseas.

             DEC. 20th.                                 CHRISTMAS MUSIC (3pm and 7.30pm)

             Fabian Smith (baritone)

             Beryl Kimber (violinist)

             Accompanists:  Doris Veale, Michael Mullinar

             Conductor: Alan J. Kirby                                                                                  Choir 181          Civic Hall


1953   Miss Christina  Ward is the accompanist

                                                    VAUGHAN WILLIAMS’ SINFONIA ANTARTICA

            Conductor: Sir John Barbirolli                                                                                  Royal Festival Hall


             JAN. 24th.                                HANDEL ODE TO ST. CECILIA’S DAY

                                                            BRAHMS SONGS FOR LADIES’ VOICES

                                                                          LISZT PSALM 13

            Soloists:                                Jennifer Vyvyan   William Herbert

            London Symphony Orchestra

            Conductor: Alan J. Kirby                                                                                                              Civic Hall

            MAY                                                   ELGAR THE APOSTLES

                                                                   A BBC studio performance

            Conductor: Sir Malcolm Sargent

            MAY 9th.                                         BACH MASS IN B MINOR

            Soloists:               Elsie Morison   Grace Bodey    David Galliver    Hervey Alan

            Eric Gritton F.R.C.O., (continuo)

            William Cole Mus.Doc. (organ)

            A section of the London Symphony Orchestra

            Conductor: Alan J. Kirby                                                                                                              Civic Hall

                                                                                                                                  Tickets 7/6, 6/-, 5/-, 3/6, 2/6


 1954    FEB 5th                                               HANDEL MESSIAH

             Soloists     Ena Mitchell     Norma Proctor       John Kentish      Stanley Clarkson

1954    THE CHOIR’S 40th BIRTHDAY                                                                                                    Choir 188

             The Elgar Festival in May.  In one week  ‘THE DREAM OF GERONTIUS, ‘THE APOSTLES and

            ‘THE  KINGDOM’ were performed in the Civic Hall in Croydon.

             The male voices were invited by the Nixa Record Company to take part in a recording of

             Brahms’ Alto Rhapsody with Monica Sinclair as soloist.  The highly commended

             performance remains the only commercially issued recording made by the Society.

             SEPT. 14th                              HENRY WOOD PROMENADE CONCERT

                                              BRAHMS VARIATIONS ON THE ST. ANTHONY CHORALE

                                                          BRAHMS-SARGENT FOUR SERIOUS SONGS

                                                      BRAHMS PIANO CONCERTO No. 1 IN D MINOR

                                                                     ELGAR THE MUSIC MAKERS

             Soloist:  Marjorie Thomas

             Dame Myra Hess (pianoforte)

             The BBC Chorus

             The Croydon Philharmonic Society

             The BBC Symphony Orchestra

              Conductor: Sir Malcolm Sargent                                                                               Royal Albert Hall

              DEC. 18th.                                   CHRISTMAS MUSIC  3pm and 7.30pm

              Soloist: Richard Standen (bass-baritone)

              Irene Richards (violin)

              Accompanists:  Christina Ward,  Michael Mullinar

              Conductor: Alan J. Kirby                                                                              Choir 176             Civic Hall                    


             (Choir rehearsals were already being held at 7.15 on Tuesday evenings at the Bedford Hall,

             West Croydon).


 1955   January,                              ‘THE OLYMPIANS’ by Sir Arthur Bliss.   

                                    The first choral performance, conducted by the composer

                                        A Royal Command Concert at the Royal Festival Hall     

             Conductor:   Sir Arthur Bliss

                                                                        HANDEL MESSIAH

                              Ena Mitchell     Norma Proctor     John Kentish     Stanley Clarkson

             Conductor:  Alan J. Kirby                                                                                                            Civic Hall

             May 7th.                                              VERDI REQUIEM

                                            Amy Shuard     Nancy Evans     William Herbert     Novakowski

             Conductor: Sir John Barbirolli                                                                                  Royal Festival Hall

             November                                  ST. CECILIA DAY CONCERT


                                                                      SONGS OF THE FLEET

                                                        VAUGHAN WILLIAMS FIVE FOLK SONGS

             Conductor: Sir Adrian Boult.

             Christmas, Alan Kirby was taken ill and replaced at short notice by Myers Foggin.

             Constant Lambert’s ‘RIO GANDE’, Dyson’s ‘CANTERBURY PILGRIMS,  Vaughan Williams’ 

            ‘FIVE FOLK SONGS’ conducted by  Myers Foggin.




1956   MAR. 29th                                               VERDI REQUIEM

            Soloists:              Sylvia Fisher    Constance Shacklock      Richard Lewis     Scott Joynt

            Croydon Philharmonic Choir 

            The London Symphony Orchestra

            Conductor: Sir John Barbirolli                                                         Choir 180        Royal Festival Hall

            MAY 5th.                                        BRAHMS SONG OF DESTINY

                                                                DYSON CANTERBURY PILGRIM

            Soloists:                 Iris Bourne      Michael Griffith-Jones     Owen Brannigan

            London Symphony Orchestra

            Conductor: Myers Foggin                                                                             Choir 182            Civic Hall

            JULY 1st and JULY 6th                             VERDI REQUIEM

            Soloists:                                Elizabeth Schwarzkopf      Ebe Stignani    

                                                         Ferruccio Tagliavini           Giuseppe Modesti

            Croydon Philharmonic Choir

            Philharmonia Orchestra

            Conductor: Guido Cantelli                                                                                         Royal Festival Hall

            National Federation of Music Societies’ 21st birthday concert, at the Royal Festival Hall.

            Conducted by Alan J. Kirby (the co- founder of the National Federation of Music

            Societies).  The last major concert conducted by Alan Kirby.

            NOV. 11th                                      REMEMBRANCE DAY CONCERT

                                                  Anthony Collins Threnody for a soldier killed in action

                                                                     WALTON VIOLIN CONCERTO

                                                                      BAX THE GARDEN OF FAND

                                                                        BLISS MORNING HEROES

             Soloist:  Ida Haendel

             Orator: Richard Attenborough

             Croydon Philharmonic Choir

             London Symphony Orchestra

             Conductors:  Basil Cameron

                                     Sir Arthur Bliss                                                                                    Royal Festival Hall

.            Christmas concert conducted by Alan Kirby.

             Failing health caused Alan Kirby to resign his directorship (43 years after founding the choir).


1957                                                            ELGAR THE APOSTLES

                                                          ELGAR THE DREAM OF GERONTIUS

             Conductor:  Sir Adrian Boult                                                                                             The Civic Hall

             Concert relayed to Alan Kirby.

             JUNE 5th                                ELGAR DREAM OF GERONTIUS

             Soloists:                 Constance  Shacklock     Ronald Dowd     Nowakowski     

             The London Symphony Orchestra     

             Conductor: Charles Groves                                                                                      Royal Festival Hall


             Promenade Concert ‘DREAM OF GERONTIUS’, conducted by Sir Malcolm Sargent         R.A.H.


             JUNE 23rd                                                       Cantelli Memorial Concert

                                                                         VERDI REQUIEM

             Soloists:   Disma De Cecco    Fedora Barbieri     Giacinto Prandelli     Carlo Cava

             Croydon Philharmonic Choir

             Philharmonia Orchestra

             Conductor:  Argeo Quadri                                                                                         Royal Festival Hall

            (Cantelli had died in an air crash at the age of 36).

             Myers Foggin took over as director of the choir.

             DEC. 21st.                                                CAROLS 7.30pm

             Soloist:  John Carol Case (bar.)

             Ralph Holmes (violin) 

             Michael Mulliner and Christina Ward – Two Pianos

             Conductor: Myers Foggin                                                                        Choir 180                 Civic Hall 


1958    FEB.8th                         In honour of R. Vaughan Williams’ 85th birthday

                                                       VAUGHAN WILLIAMS A CHORAL FLOURISH

                                                                PATRICK HADLEY FEN AND FLOOD

                                                         VAUGHAN WILLIAMS A SEA SYMPHONY

                                                                In the presence of both composers

              Soloists:                                    Elsie Morison         Gordon Clinton

              A section of the London Symphony Orchestra

              Myers Foggin                                                                                                                               Civic Hall

              MAY 3rd.                                            BACH B MINOR MASS

              Soloists:                     Elsie Suddaby         Nancy Evans         Richard Standen

              Continuo: Eric Gritton

              Organ: William Cole

              A section of the London Symphony Orchestra

              Conductor:  Miles Foggin                                                                                                          Civic Hall

                                             ELGAR DREAM OF GERONTIUS and HAYDN CREATION

                                                                  PROMENADE CONCERTS

             Conductor:  Sir Malcolm Sargent.                                                                             Royal Albert Hall

             Trafalgar Day Concert at the Royal Albert Hall,  conductor Sir John Barbirolli.

             NOVEMBER  Alan Kirby received the freedom of the borough of Croydon


1959                                  ELGAR DREAM OF GERONTIUS and HAYDN CREATION 

                                                                  PROMENADE CONCERTS

             Conductor:  Sir Malcolm Sargent.                                                                             Royal Albert Hall

             March – ELGAR THE APOSTLES, in honour of Alan Kirby’s 70th birthday.  He died on May  

             10th, bequeathing £5000 to the choir

             DECEMBER                                         Carol Concert

             Conductor:  Roy Henderson                                                                                                      Civic Hall

1960                                                  BACH ST. MATTHEW PASSION  

             Conductor:  Dr. Reginald  Jacques.


                                                                    HAYDN CREATION

                                                                PROMENADE CONCERT

             Conductor:   Sir Malcolm Sargent.                                                                            Royal Albert Hall

1961                                            BERLIOZ GRANDE MESSE DES MORTS

                                                                PROMENADE CONCERT

             Conductor:  Sir Malcolm Sargent.

1962    Fairfield Hall Acoustic Test Concert with the Croydon Symphony Orchestra.

                                          OPENING OF THE  FAIRFIELD  HALLS  by the Queen Mother.

                                       (Seating of the hall is 1,550 audience and 250 in the choir stalls).

1963                                                       MENDELSSOHN ELIJAH

            Conductor: Myers Foggin.                                                                                                    Fairfield Hall

                                                        BEETHOVEN CHORAL SYMPHONY

                                                                PROMENADE CONCERT                                             

            Conductor:  Sir Malcolm Sargent.                                                                              Royal Albert Hall

1964                                              FIFTY  CHORAL  YEARS (Choir – 178 singers)

            March 7th                                                       ELGAR  THE APOSTLES

            Soloists:             Margaret Neville      Helen Watts        Gerald English,

                                   John Carol Case        Norman Tattersall       Owen Brannigan.

            The London Philharmonic Orchestra

            Conductor Myers Foggin.                                                                                                    Fairfield Hall

            Apr. 18th                           Elgar Cello Concerto, soloist Florence Hooton

                                                            ELGAR THE DREAM OF GERONTIUS.

            Soloists:         Marjorie Thomas(s)       Ronald Dowd (t)          Hervey Alan (b).

            The London Symphony Orchestra

            Conductor: Myers Foggin                                                                                                    Fairfield Hall

            May 23rd                                         ELGAR  THE KINGDOM.     

            Soloists:                            Elizabeth Simon          Barbara Robotham  

                                                           John Wakefield          Gordon Clinton.

            English Concert Orchestra,

            Conductor: Myers Foggin                                                                                                    Fairfield Hall

                                     (Admission to each concert: 11/6d,  9/6d,  8/6d,  4/-)

            CHOIR PRESIDENT: H.C.L. Fisher.     Sir Arthur Bliss, Sir Adrian Boult, Sir George Dyson, Dr. 

            Reginald Jacques and 15 other vice-presidents

            APR. 3rd.  The inaugural concert for the Fairfield Hall organ, organist Ralph Downes.

            CPC with the Croydon Youth Choir.


.            Between 1964 and 1970 the choir performed:

                                                               BRITTEN’S CANTATA ACADEMICA                                                                                                   

                                                JOHN GARDINER’S BALLAD OF THE WHITE HORSE,  

            The choir also took part in ‘several’ BBC Promenade Concerts, the Zoltan Kadaly Memorial

            Concert and the concert marking Sir Adrian Boult’s 80th birthday.  (Notes taken from The

            Diamond Jubilee Concert Programme,   May 18th, 1974).


            Rehearsals are held in the Bedford Hall, West Croydon


           1970    MAR. 7th                                      BRITTEN WAR REQUIEM

           Soloists:                     Iris Bourne (sop)      Philip Langridge (ten)         John Cameron (bar) 

           Richard Popplewell (organ)

           Trinity Boys’ Choir, conductor David Squibb                                                                      Fairfield Hall


           Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

           Conductor: Myers Foggin                                                                              Choir 194       Fairfield Hall      

            May 2nd.                                                       VERDI AIDA

                                                           Concert version by Sir Malcolm Sargent

            Soloists:                                       Rae Woodland      Jean Allister 

                                               William McAlpine        John Holmes    John Lawrenson 

            New Philharmonia Orchestra

            Conductor:  Myers Foggin                                                                                                    Fairfield Hall

                                                                                                        Admission: 8/-,  9/-,  10/-,  12/-,  15/-,  18/-

            Dec. 20th. 3pm and 7.45pm.  Christmas Concert with Ian Wallace (bass baritone), David

           Money, Susan Eversden  (bassoon),Ian Le Grice (accompanist). 

           Conductor:  James Gaddarn.                                                                                                 Fairfield Hall


1971  Ian Le Grice joins the choir as accompanist, replacing Christina Ward.


           May 1st.                                            ELGAR  THE  KINGDOM

           Soloists:           Iris Bourne     Jean Allister    Adrian De Payer    Robert Bateman

           Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

           Conductor: Myers Foggin

           Rehearsals move to St. Peter’s Church Hall, Ledbury Road, South Croydon

Dec. 18th                                    CHRISTMAS CAROL CONCERTS  (3pm and 7.45)

           Soloists:  Elizabeth Simon (sop)

           Neil Black (oboe)

           Ian Le Grice  (organ)

           Conductor:  James Gaddarn                                                                                                  Fairfield Hall


1972  March 4th.                                            HAYDN CREATION

           Soloists:           Rae Woodland            William McAlpine              Michael Rippon

           Ian Le Grice (organ)

           New Philharmonia Orchestra

           Conductor:  Myers Foggin                                                                                                     Fairfield Hall

           May 6th                            Overture:  The Wasps (Vaughan Williams)

                                   HOLST HYMN OF JESUS      VAUGHAN WILLIAMS SEA SYMPHONY

           Soloists:                      Wendy Eathorne               Brian Rayner Cooke

           New Philharmonia Orchestra                            

           Conductor: Myers Foggin                                                                                                      Fairfield Hall


          Nov. 18th.                                       A  MOZART CONCERT

                                                               Overture: Don Giovanni

                                                        Piano Concerto in A major K 488

                                                               MASS IN C MINOR K 427

          Soloists:         Rae Woodland      Laura Sarti      Paul Taylor    Rodney McCann   

          John Bingham (piano)

          London Mozart Players

          Conductor: Harry Blech                                                                                                           Fairfield Hall

          Dec. 16th.                                   TWO CAROL CONCERTS

          Soloists:                    Christina Ward and Ian Le Grice (two pianos)

          Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                    Fairfield Hall

                                                                                                Tickets: 3pm 30p, 7.45pm. 40p. 65p. 80p. £1.00


1973 MAR. 3rd.                               Myers Foggin Farewell Concert

                                                                 ELGAR THE APOSTLES

           Soloists:               Iris Bourne         Marjorie Thomas         Adrian De Peyer  

                                           John Barrow      Michael Rippon      Ian Comboy

          New Philharmonia Orchestra

          Conductor: Myers Foggin                                                                                                       Fairfield Hall

          MAY 5th                                   James Gaddarn Inaugural Concert              

                                                     A GILBERT AND SULLIVAN PROGRAMME


                                                             TRIAL BY JURY (excerpts)

           Soloists:              Elizabeth Simon       John Lawrenson       James Griffett

                                        David March             Frank Olegario           Bruce Ogston

           London Orpheus Orchestra

           Conductor:  James Gaddarn                                                                                                  Fairfield Hall

           AUG. 7th.                                          PROMENADE CONCERT

                                                Tippett Concerto for Double Strings Orchestra

                                                      Nicola LeFanu The Hidden Landscape

                                               (commissioned by the BBC, first performance)

                                                  Variations and Fugue on a theme of Purcell

                                                                WALTON BELSHAZZAR’S FEAST

           Soloist:  Raimund Herincx (baritone)

           Croydon Philharmonic Society         Harrow Choral Society           Wembley Philharmonic Society

           BBC Symphony Orchestra

           Conductor:  Norman Del Mar                                                                                       Royal Albert Hall

           NOV. 17th                                      DIAMOND JUBILEE SEASON

                                                                         HANDEL  MESSIAH

           Soloists:     Valerie Hill (s)   Patricia Payne (c)    Wynford Evans (t)   John Barrow (b)

           Ian Le Grice (organ)

           Leslie Pearson (harpsichord)

           London Orpheus Orchestra

           Conductor:  James Gaddarn                                                                                                  Fairfield Hall     

           DEC. 15th                                          CHRISTMAS CAROLS

           Soloists: John Carol Case (bar.)

           Ian Le Grice (organ and piano)

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                   Fairfield Hall

                                                                                                            (Ticket prices: 35p, 55p, 70p, 90p, £1.10)


           Myers Foggin appointed a C.B.E.

1974  MAR. 2nd.                             ELGAR THE DREAM OF GERONTIUS

           Soloists:               Alfreda Hodgson       Kenneth Bowen     John Lawrenson 

           Ian Le Grice (organ)

           Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

           Ian Le Grice (organ)

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                         Choir 120         Fairfield Hall   

                                                                                                 (Ticket prices: 50p,  80p,  £1.00,   £1.25, £1.50)

           MAY 18th.                                 DIAMOND JUBILEE CONCERT

                                              ELGAR Overture: Cockaigne (in London Town)


                                                            DELIUS In a Summer Garden

                                                  WILLIAM WALTON BELSHAZZAR’S FEAST

          Soloists:                        Barbara Rowbotham       Brian Raynor Cook

          Ian Le Grice (organ)

          New Philharmonia Orchestra

          Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                    Fairfield Hall

                                                                                                              (Ticket prices: 75p.  £1.25  £1.50  £2.00)

                                                                                                                           (Supported by 17 organisations)

                                                                                               (Ticket prices: 75p, £1.00,  £1.25,  £1.50,  £2.00)

          NOV. 16th.                                Beethoven Overture Leonora No. 3

                                                           Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4 in G

                                                                      BEETHOVEN MASS IN C

          Nina Milkina (piano)

          Soloists:                            Wendy Eathorne (s)      Doreen Walker (Con.)

                                                  John Elwes (ten)      Robert Carpenter Turner (b)

          Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  

          Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                    Fairfield Hall

  (Tickets for the above and for the May and November concerts 1975 £1.50, £1.25, £1.00, 80p, 50p.)

          DEC. 21st                                           TWO CAROL CONCERTS

          Soloist: John Lawrenson (baritone)

          Ian Le Grice (organ and piano)

          London Orpheus Ensemble

London Orpheus Ensemble

          Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                    Fairfield Hall               

                                                                                (Tickets: afternoon 35p, evening £1.25, £1.00, 70p. 50p)


1975  MAR. 1st.                                        BACH ST. JOHN PASSION

           Soloists:                   Soo-Bee Lee    Paul Esswood     Duncan Robertson

                                        Geoffrey Pogson    Christopher Keyte    Rodney McCann

           Ian Le Grice (organ)

           Leslie Pearson (harpsichord)

           London Orpheus Orchestra

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                           Choir 207       Fairfield Hall        

           MAY 17th.                                          VERDI REQUIEM MASS

           Soloists:         Patricia McCarry    Carole Rosen     Roger Stalman       Stuart Kale

           New Philharmonia Orchestra

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                   Fairfield Hall     

                                                                                                         (Tickets: £1.50,   £1.25,  £1.00,  80p.  50p.)                                                                                                                                       

           DEC. 20th.                                           CHRISTMAS MUSIC 3 pm and 7.45 pm

           Soloists:  Ian Wallace (bass baritone) with David Money (accompanist)

           Susan Eversden (bassoon)

           Ian Le Grice (organ and piano)

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                   Fairfield Hall

                                                                           (Tickets: Afternoon35p.  Evening: £1.25,  £1.00,  70p,   50p)


1976  MAR. 6th.                                         MENDELSSOHN  ELIJAH

           Soloists: Janet Price    Patricia Payne   Anthony Rolfe Johnson     Raimund Herincx

           New Philharmonic Orchestra

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                        Choir 212          Fairfield Hall  

           MAY 15th.                                      Overture Marriage of Figaro    

                                                          Mozart Piano Concerto in C Major K467   

                                                                  TIPPETT CHILD OF OUR TIME 

          Nina Milkina (piano)

          Soloists:   Eiddwen Harrhy         Margaret Duckworth    Philip Langridge     Christopher Keyte 

          Royal Philharmonic Orchestras

          Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                              Choir 212    Fairfield Hall   

                                                                                     (Ticket prices:  £1.75,  £1.50,  £1.25,  £1.00, 75p, 50p)

           DEC. 18th.                                     CHRISTMAS MUSIC 3pm and 7.45pm)

           Soloists:  Phyllis Sellick – Terence Beckles (Two pianos)

           Philippa Dames-Longworth (soprano)

           Ian Le Grice (accompanist)

           Conductor: James Gaddarn)                                                                                                  Fairfield Hall                          


1977 MAR. 5th.                                 ELGAR THE DREAM OF GERONTIUS

          Soloists:              Alfreda Hodgson     Philip Langridge        Raimund Herincz 

          Ian Le Grice (organ)

          Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

          Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                              Choir 214     Fairfield Hall   

1977 MAR. 7th.                                 ELGAR THE DREAM OF GERONTIUS

           Soloists:            Alfreda Hodgson      Philip Langridge        Raimund Herincz

           Ian Le Grice (organ)

           Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                        Royal Festival Hall

           MAY 21st.                                            BIZET  CARMEN (Concert version)

           Soloists:  Carole Rosen    Patricia McCarry    Geoffrey Pogson    John Lawrenson    Yara Labal

                                         Viola da Cunha    Alan Byers    John Oakman    David Bacon

           Downside School Choir (Director: Derrick Herdman)

           New Philharmonia Orchestra

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                   Fairfield Hall

                                                                                                        (Tickets: £2.00,  £1.75,  £1.50,  £1.25,  75p)


           July 14th.  ROYAL SILVER JUBILEE CELEBRATION CONCERT at the Royal  Albert Hall

                                            With the National Federation of Music Societies

                                                                 In the presence of

                                                  the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

                                Britten – National Anthem          Walton ‘Coronation Te Deum’

                     Handel Coronation Anthems,   Zadok the Priest, Let Thy Hand Be Strengthened

                                      Herbert Howells  ‘Te Deum’       Berlioz ‘Te Deum’.

           Soloist: Robert Tear (tenor)

           Richard Popplewell  (organ)

           The London Symphony Orchestra

           Conductor: Sir David Willcocks                                                      Joint choirs – 650 singers    R.A.H.

           Nov 19th                                    BEETHOVEN  ‘MISSA SOLEMNIS in D’

           Soloists:                            Rae Woodland,      Jean Allister,      Peter Jeffes,

           Ian Le Grice (organ)

           English Symphony Orchestra

           Conductor:  James Gaddarn                                                                       Choir 220          Fairfield Hall      

           Dec.. 17th.  Christmas music 3pm and 7.45pm at Fairfield Hall.


            PRESIDENT of the CHOIR:  E. Wulstan Atkins (Godson of Edward Elgar), succeeds

            the Bishop of Croydon, The Rt. Rev. J. T. Hughes.

1978   MAR. 4th.                                    BACH ST. MATTHEW PASSION

            Soloists:           Alistair Thompson (Evangelist)        Brian Rayner Cooke (Christus),

                   Beryl Tucapski (soprano)    Sybil Michelow(contralto)    Franklyn Whitel(bass-baritone)

            Leslie Pearson (harpsichord)

            Ian Le Grice (organ). 

            The Whitgift Treble Choir

            The London Bach Orchestra. 

            Conductor: James Gaddarn.                                                                                                 Fairfield Hall

                                                                                                                                (Subscriptions £6 per annum)

            May  20th.                                                  VAUGHAN WILLIAMS DONA PACEM

                                                                      ORFF CARMINA BURANA

            Soloists:      Teresa Cahill(s)      Christopher Robson(counter tenor)    John Barrow(baritone)

            Ian Le Grice (organ)

            Downside  School Choir (director Derrick Herdman)

            The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. 

            Conductor: James Gaddarn.                                                                         Choir 219      Fairfield Hall     

            Nov. 18th           HANDEL ZADOK THE PRIEST     SCHUBERT SYMPHONY NO. 5 IN B FLAT

                                                       MOZART REQUIEM MASS IN D MINOR K626

            Soloists:    Eiddwen Harrhyy      Margaret Cable     Alan Byers       Rodney Macann

            London Bach Orchestra

            Conductor:  James Gaddarn                                                                                                 Fairfield Hall

                                                                                               (Ticket prices: £2.50, £2.25, £2.00, £1.75, £1.50)

            DEC. 16th.                                       TWO CAROL CONCERTS                                               Fairfield Hall


1979   March 3rd.                           Mozart Overture to the Magic Flute

                                                     Mozart Piano Concerto in D Major K 466

                                             HELOISE AND ABELARD – ELIZABETH MACONCHY

                                      COMMISSIONED BY THE CROYDON PHILHARMONIC CHOIR

             Soloists: Nina Milkina (piano)

                               Hanna Francis(s)       Philip Langridge (t)      Tom McDonnell (bar.)

            English Symphony Orchestra

            Conductor: James Gaddarn.                                                                         Choir 219      Fairfield Hall     

            In the presence of the composer

            Funds from the Arts Council of Great Britain

            Royalties to the C.P.C.   

            May 19th.                                          ELGAR THE KINGDOM

            Soloists:                           Wendy Eathorne               Alfreda Hodgson 

                                                          Ryland Davies               Michael Rippon

            Ian Le Grice (organ)

            Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

            Conductor: James Gaddarn.                                                                         Choir 197      Fairfield Hall

            Nov. 17th.                                 HAYDN MISSA IN ANGUSTIIS

                                                                 Haydn Cello Concerto in C 

                                                                  BACH MAGNIFICAT IN D

             Soloists:                       Beryl Tucapska (s)             Beverley Mills (c)

                                                   Wynford Evans (t)             Bruce Kershaw (b) 

             Felix Schmidt (cello)

             Leslie Pearson (harpsichord)

             Eileen McCarthy (cello continuo)

             Ian Le Grice (organ)                                                                       

             The London Bach Orchestra.                                                                                          

             Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                 Fairfield Hall

             Dec. 15th.                                             FAMILY CAROLS

             Including commissioned carols by Antonin Tucapsky

             Antony Hopkins

             Gilbert Bibirian (guitar)                                                                                                                        

             Boyd Gilmore and Rodney Newton (glockenspiels)

             Rosemary Layzelle (s) and Marjorie Hollands (a)  (members of the choir)

             Ian Le Grice (organ)

             Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                      Choir 198           Fairfield Hall          


1980   MARCH 1st.        VAUGHAN WILLIAMS FANTASIA on a Theme by Thomas Tallis,

                                  HOLST HYMN  OF JESUS          VAUGHAN WILLIAMS SEA SYMPHONY.

            Soloists:                                     Eiddwen Harrhy       Peter Knapp

            English Symphony Orchestra

            Conductor: James Gaddarn.                                                                                                Fairfield Hall.

            MAY 17th.                                       DELIUS A MASS OF LIFE

            Soloists:                   Wendy Eathorn (s)         Margaret Duckworth (con) 

                                                      Kenneth Fulham (t)  Rodney McCann(bar)

           The English Symphony Orchestra. 

            Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                    Choir 198           Fairfield Hall.          

           JULY 11th.                         CHORAL FESTIVAL at the ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL,

                                            In aid of The Elgar Foundation’s Appeal for the Birthplace.

                                                                       ELGAR THE KINGDOM

           Soloists:                                Sheila Armstrong       Alfreda Hodgson

                                                  Anthony Rolfe Johnson             Michael Rippon

           Ian Le Grice (organ)

           The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                             Choir 198          Royal Festival Hall          

           DEC. 20th.                                             FAMILY CAROLS 3pm and 7.45pm

           Croydon Schools Centre for Wind Players (conductor David Kendall)

           Ian Le Grice (organ)

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                      Choir 198            Fairfield Hall          


1981  JAN. 31st.                                    ROYAL GALA PERFORMANCE

                                    In the presence of Her Royal Highness, Princess Alexandra

                                                      In aid of The Spinal Injuries Association

                                                              (Appeal by Esther Rantzen)

                                                                       NATIONAL ANTHEM

                                                    VAUGHAN WILLIAMS DONA NOBIS PACEM

                                                                   ORFF CARMINA BURANA

            Soloists: Sheila Armstrong (s)  Alan Opie (bar)   John York-Skinner (counter tenor)

                 Croydon Philharmonic Society         Ealing Choral Society    The London Orpheus Choir

                               Trinity College of Music Choir    City of London Schoolboys Choir

            English Symphony Orchestra

            Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                          Royal Albert Hall

            MAR 7th                                  DYSON THE CANTERBURY PILGRIMS

            Soloists:             Alison Hargan        Brian Burrows      David Wilson-Johnson

            London Philharmonic Orchestra

            Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                  Fairfield Hall

            MAY 6th.                                            HOLST THE PLANETS

               A section of the Ladies’ Chorus invited by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to take part.

            Conductor: Owain Arwel Hughes

            Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

            Conductor: Owain Arwel Hughes                                                                                        Fairfield Hall

            MAY 16th                                      Ireland  A London Overture

                                                                       Elgar Cello Concerto

                                                               Maconchy Heloise and Abelard

                                                                        ( 2nd performance)

           Soloists:                       Hannah Francis      Martyn Hill       Tom McDonnell

           Felix Schmidt (cello)

           English Symphony Orchestra

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                   Fairfield Hall

           NOV. 21st.                                           IOLANTHE (excerpts)

                                                                            TRIAL BY JURY

           Soloists:                  Julia Goss            Arthur Jackson,          Gareth Jones

                                   Michael Rayner             John Reed              Geoffrey Shovelton

           London Orpheus Orchestra

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                           Choir 178       Fairfield Hall      

           DEC. 19th.                                  TWO FAMILY CAROL CONCERTS

           Croydon Schools Centre for Wind Players, conductor David Kendall

           Ian Le Grice (organ)

           Conductor:  James Gaddarn                                                                                                  Fairfield Hall


1982  MAR. 6th.                                     CONCERT OF FRENCH MUSIC

                                                       FAURE PAVANE         POULENC GLORIA      

                                                                        FAURE REQUIEM

           Soloists:                             Irene Evans              Bruce Kershaw   

           Ian Le Grice (organ)

           English Symphony Orchestra

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                   Fairfield Hall

           MAY 15th.                                           ELGAR THE APOSTLES

           Soloists:            Jacquelyn Fugelle      Alfreda  Hodgson    Chrisropher Keyte

                                       Wynford Evans      Nigel Wickens    David Wilson-Johnson 

            Ladies of the Trinity College of Music Choir 

            Ian Le Grice (organ)

            English Symphony Orchestra

            Conductor:  James Gaddarn                                                                                                 Fairfield Hall           


            OCT 13th.                       BEETHOVEN SYMPHONY NO. 9 IN D MINOR

                                            By invitation from the Royal Philharmonic  Orchestra. 

            Soloists:  Ann Mackay    Maureen Lehane    Kenneth Woollam   Michael Rippon.  

            Conductor Owain Arwel Hughes.                                                                                        Fairfield Hall

            NOV. 20th.                                            HANDEL MESSIAH,

            Soloists:                                    Jacquelyn  Fugelle       Kerry Brown

                                                                 Geoffrey Pogson    John Barrow

            Leslie Pearson  (harpsichord)

            Ian Le Grice (organ)

            English Chamber Orchestra,

            Conductor:  James Gaddarn.                                                                      Choir 174        Fairfield Hall       

            (All tickets sold)

            NOV. 24th.                                        HOLST THE PLANET SUITE

                                                                        By invitation  of the LPO

            Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 

           Conductor: Sir Charles Groves.

            Women’s  chorus from the CPC. (Neptune)                                                                     Fairfield Hall

            DEC.18th.                                         TWO CAROL CONCERTS (3pm and 7.45pm)

            The Croydon Schools Centre Wind Orchestra (conductor David Kendall)

            Ian le Grice (organ)

            Conductor:  James Gaddarn                                                                                                 Fairfield Hall


1983  JAN 26th.                              Fairfield Concert Orchestra programme

                                   John Ansell         Eric Coates       HMS Pinafore/Sullivan        Percy Grainger,

                                                        Britten         Mendelssohn       Stanford

          Soloist: Derek Hammond-Stroud

          Fairfield Concert Orchestra

         Conductor: Howard Williams                                                                                                  Fairfield Hall


          MAR 12th                                              VERDI REQUIEM

          Soloists:                              Pauline Tinsley (s)         Beverley Mills (contr.)

                                                         Ryland Davies (t)            Tom McDonnell (b)

          Ian Le Grice (organ)

          English Symphony Orchestra                          

          Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                      Choir 179            Fairfield Hall            

          MAY 21st.                        ELGAR THE MUSIC MAKERS     DELIUS SEA DRIFT,  

                                                             STRAVINSKY SYMPHONY OF PSALMS     

           Soloists:               Alfreda Hodgson (contralto)     Brian Rayner Cook (baritone)

           Ian Le Grice (organ).            

           English  Symphony Orchestra,  

           Conductor: James Gaddarn.                                                                     Choir 176           Fairfield Hall 

                                                                                                                            Tickets: £4, £3.50, £3, £2.50, £2                                                                                                                       

                                                                                                                                       Sponsor:  ICC Information

           NOV.19th                        DONIZETTI REQUIEM      ROSSINI STABAT MATER

           Soloists:                                  Merril Jenkins (s)   Patricia Conti (contr)                                     

                                            Kenneth Woollam (t)   Ian Caddy (b)     Bruce Kershaw (b)

           Ian le Grice (organ).

           London Philharmonic Orchestra

           Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                        Choir 172           Fairfield Hall       

           DEC.17th.                                       Carol Concert 3pm and 7.45pm.

           With the Parkhill School Choir (conductor *Gwen Rabinovitz, choir member),

           Margaret Roper Primary School (conductor Jean Theobald)

           Croydon Schools Centre Wind Orchestra (conductor David Kendall)

           Ian Le Grice (organ)

          Conductor James Gaddarn.                                                                                                   Fairfield Hall


1984 MAR. 10th.                                          BACH B MINOR MASS

         Soloists:                           Kathleen Livingstone (s)     Beverley Mills (contr.)   

                                                          Wynford Evans (t)       Michael Rippon (b)

         Leslie Pearson (harpsichord)

         Ian le Grice (organ)

         English Chamber Orchestra

         Conductor James Gaddarn.                                                                            Choir 221        Fairfield Hall    

                                                                                                                            Tickets: £6, £4, £3.50, £2.50, £2   

         MAR 26th. (Mon)                         DELIUS COMMEMORATION CONCERT

                                                                                 A MASS OF LIFE  

         Soloists: Olivia Blackburn (s)   Sally Scott (contr.)    Russell Hibberd (t)    Wallace Ruby (bar.)

         Trinity College of Music Choir and Symphony Orchestra

         Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                     Fairfield Hall                                                       

         MAY 19th.                                    VAUGHAN WILLIAMS SANCTA CIVITAS

                                                                       TIPPETT CHILD OF OUR TIME

          CPC and Ladies of the Trinity College of Music Choir

         Soloists: Wendy Eathorne (s)    Beverley Mills (contr.)    Martyn Hill (t)    Christopher Keyte (b)

         Ian le Grice (organ)

         The English Symphony Orchestra

         Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                     Fairfield Hall 

                                                                                                        (Tickets:  £5.50, £4.50, £3.50, £2,50, £2.00)




                                                                        CROYDON – ARNHEM    

          Enka Male Voice Choir - Dutch folk songs, Negro spirituals, Priests’ Chorus from Die  

          Zauberflote - Mozart

          CPC  - Matthias Make a Joyful Noise  -  V. Williams Te Deum In G  - Handel The King shall rejoice

          Liszt, Krebs, Schumann.

          Ian Le Grice (organ)

          Conductor James Gaddarn.                                               Croydon Parish Church (now The Minster)

          MAY 18th            NATIONAL FEDERATION OF MUSIC SOCIETIES JUBILEE CONCERT                                       

                                                                         BRAHMS REQUIEM

                                                                BRUCKNER MASS IN B MINOR

         Soloists:                               Jacqueline Fugelle              John Hancorn

         English Symphony Orchestra

         Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                     Fairfield Hall

         SEPT. 15th.                              MALCOLM SARGENT FESTIVAL CHORUS

                                                                             VIENNESE CONCERT                                     Royal Albert Hall

         NOV. 23rd/24th                     MALCOLM SARGENT FESTIVAL CHORUS (3000 singers)



                                                             In the presence of the King of Sweden

         A number of the choir took part.


1986  MARCH  The choir gave the opening concert of the Cardiff Festival of Choirs at St. David’s

           Hall, Cardiff.                                   

           DECEMBER                                               CAROL CONCERT

           The choir held its first Carol Competition in association with the National Westminster Bank.

           The winner was John Tobin.


1987  MAR 26th.                                            DELIUS  MASS OF LIFE

          Soloists:                               Teresa Cahill (s)                 Elizabeth Harley (contr.)

                                                      Brendan MacBride (t)        Alan Opie (b).

                Croydon Philharmonic Choir      Ealing Choral Society      London Orpheus Choir.

          London Orpheus Orchestra 

          Conductor James Gaddarn                                           3 choirs, 235 singers          Royal Festival Hall.                      


1988                                                         75th ANNIVERSARY SEASON

          NOV.19th                                       SCHUBERT SYMPHONY No. 8

                                                                    BLISS MARY OF MAGDALA    

                                                                        MOZART REQUIEM    

          Soloists:                              Beryl Tucapska            Catherine Wyn-Rogers  

                                                      Geoffrey Pogson             Christopher Keyte  

          London Orpheus Orchestra  

         Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                     Fairfield Hall

         DEC. 17th.                                      TWO CAROL CONCERTS  (3pm and 7.45pm)

         Croydon Schools Wind Orchestra

         Margaret Roper Primary School Choir

         Natwest Carol Competition

         Ian Le Grice (organ and piano)

         Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                     Fairfield Hall

                                                                                                                   Sponsor: National Westminster Bank


1989  MAR. 4th                                              POULENC GLORIA

                                                              POULENC ORGAN CONCERTO

                                                             WALTON BELSHAZZAR’S FEAST

         Soloists:                                         Jamesina Tait        Ian Caddy

         Ian Le Grice (organ)

         London Orpheus Choir

         Croydon Philharmonic Choir

         Conductor: James  Gaddarn                                                                                                   Fairfield Hall

1989 MAY 20th. at  Fairfield Hall, Croydon

          MAY 27th.  at St. David’s Hall Cardiff                      

                                                            ELGAR DREAM OF GERONTIUS

                                                           ELGAR  SERENADE FOR STRINGS

         Soloists:                                    Alfreda Hodgson     Martyn Hill  

                                                            Willard White (at Fairfield Hall)

                                                             Alan Opie (at St. David’s Hall)

         English Symphony Orchestra

         Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                 Choir 175  

         DECEMBER                                          CAROL CONCERT

         The second Carol Concert Competition in association with NatWest


1990 NOV. 17th.                                     HANDEL ISRAEL IN EGYPT

                                     Jamesina Tate           Marianne Cotterill           Paul Kusel

                                            Philip Dennis     John Hancorn    James Ashworth

          Leslie Pearson (harpsichord)

          Alistair Young (organ)

          London Orpheus Orchestra

          Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                    Fairfield Hall     

          DEC.15th                                          FAMILY CAROL CONCERTS   

          Bromley Youth Concert Band   

          Members of the Croydon Piano Centre

          Margaret Roper Primary School Choir


          Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                    Fairfield Hall


 1991 MAR. 2nd.                                       SCHUBERT MASS IN E FLAT   

                                                                      BEETHOVEN MASS IN C

            Soloists:                          Jacquelyn Fugelle                   Beverley Mills

                                              Neil Archer        Andrew Walters        Peter Savidge

            Ian Le Grice (organ)

            London Orpheus Orchestra

            Conductor:  James Gaddarn                                                                                                 Fairfield Hall

            MAY 18th                                      ELGAR THE MUSIC MAKERS

                                                                       BLISS THE BEATITUDES

            Soloists:                      Susan McCulloch       Beverley Mills        Martyn Hill

            Ian Le Grice (organ)

            London Orpheus Orchestra

            Conductor:  James Gaddarn                                                                                                 Fairfield Hall

            DEC. 12th.                                EDWARD HEATH CAROL CONCERT

                      An appeal on behalf of The Croydon Sports Partnership by Michael Dobbs

                             Organised by the Croydon North East Conservative Association

            Croydon Philharmonic Choir

            Croydon Schools Symphony Orchestra

            Conductor: Sir Edward Heath                                                                                              Fairfield Hall


1993  MAR. 6th                                                          HAYDN  THE SEASONS

          Soloists:  Deborah Rees (for Susan McCulloch)       Neill Archer        Graham Titus.

          Leslie Pearson (harpsichord)

          London Orpheus Orchestra

          Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                            Choir 137        Fairfield Hall        


          MAY15th                              G. and S. TRIAL BY JURY     HMS PINAFORE

          Soloists: Elizabeth Woollett      Elizabeth Harley     Helen Errington     David Fieldsend

                                  Wynford Evans     Ian Caddy     Bruce Kershaw     Simon Houlton

          London Orpheus Orchestra 

          Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                           Choir 141        Fairfield Hall        

          NOV. 17th. Invitation to sing operatic choruses with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

          NOV. 20th                                              ELGAR  THE KINGDOM

          Soloists:                                    Julie Kennard (s),          Jennifer Higgins (contr.)

                                                          Anthony Roden (t)                 Alan Opie (bar.)

          Ian Le Grice: organ

          London Orpheus Orchestra 

          Conductor James Gaddarn.                                                                           Choir 125        Fairfield Hall        

                                                                                                                Sponsors: National Westminster Bank

                                                                                                                                   St. Martin’s Property Group

          Rehearsals moved from St. Peter’s Church Hall, South Croydon to Croham Road Baptist Church

          South Croydon.   

          DEC. 15th. Invitation to take part in the PHAB Carol Concert at the Parish Church

          DEC. 18th.                                   FAMILY CAROL CONCERTS 3pm and 7.45pm

          Bromley Youth Concert Band

          Croydon Schools Junior Choir                           

          Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                    Fairfield Hall


1994 MAR 5th.                                          80th Anniversary Concert

                                                           BERLIOZ GRANDE MESSE DES MORTS

           Soloist:  Bonaventura Bottone

                       Croydon Philharmonic       Choir Ealing Choral Society        London Orpheus Choir

           London Orpheus Orchestra      

           Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                  Choir 135                 Fairfield Hall         

                                                                                                                            Sponsor-John Lewis Partnership

          MAR. 23rd.  Invitation to sopranos to sing in HOLST’S PLANETS (NEPTUNE) with the Halle

           Orchestra.                                                                                                                                 Fairfield Hall

           APR. 1st.  (Good Friday)                    HANDEL  MESSIAH

           Soloists:       Jacqueline Fugelle       David Fieldsend       Paul Kusel       Peter Savidge

           Crispian Steele Perkins (trumpet),

           Leslie Pearson (harpsichord)

           Ian le Grice (organ)

           London Orpheus Orchestra

           Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                         Choir 141          Fairfield Hall   

                                                                                                                                   All tickets £7.50 unreserved       

                                                                                                                   Sponsor: National Westminster Bank

           MAY 14th.                                               OPERA  NIGHT

           Soloists:  Susan McCulloch (s)        Beverley Mills (contr.)       Bonaventura Bottone (t)

           London Orpheus Orchestra

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                  Fairfield Hall

           NOV. 19th                            BRAHMS ACADEMIC FESTIVAL OVERTURE                

                                                    SONG OF DESTINY             A GERMAN REQUIEM

                 Dedicated to the memory of Dame Elizabeth Maconchy, a Vice-President of the Society

                 who died on November 11th.  The choir commissioned her work ‘Heloise and Abelarde’

                 and performed it in 1979 and 1981.

           Soloists:                               Olivia Blackburn (S)         John Morgan (Bar)

           London Orpheus Orchestra                               

           Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                       Choir 127            Fairfield Hall            

                                                                                                                   Sponsor: National Westminster Bank

           DEC. 17th                                          FAMILY CAROL CONCERT

                                                          With the Bromley Youth Concert Band,

                                  The Ridgeway School Choir and the Margaret Roper School Choir.

           Ian le Grice (organ and piano). 

           Conductor James Gaddarn,                                                                       Choir 130           Fairfield Hall           

                                                                                                                      Sponsors:  The Drummond Centre

                                                                                                                      The National Westminster Bank plc


1995  MAR. 4th.                                        DVORAK STABAT MATER

           Soloists:                               Malmfrid Sand (s)        Ruti Halvani (contr.)     

                                                      Anthony Roden (t)               Ian Caddy (b)

           Ian le Grice (organ)

           London Orpheus Orchestra,

           Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                       Choir 129            Fairfield Hall            

                                                                                                                 Sponsors: National Westminster Bank

                                                                                                                                   Drummond Centre

          MAY 7th                                             V.E. DAY CELEBRATIONS

                                                    CEREMONY OF PEACE AND RECONCILIATION

                                                                             in the presence of

                                                      H.M. The Queen and other Heads of State  

          11 choirs                                                                                                                                        Hyde Park

          Conductor: Sir David Willcocks


                                                    EXSULTATE JUBILATE;  GREAT MASS IN C MINOR (k427)

                                                                           SALIERI: TE DEUM

           Soloists:  Beryl Tucapska (s)   Katarina Karneus (mezzo)   Neil Mckenzie (t)    John Morgan (b)

           Ian Le Grice: organ      

           London Orpheus Orchestra

           Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                   Fairfield Hall

          JUNE 18th.                                         CROYDON MUSIC COUNCIL                              

                                                                        MENDELSSOHN  ELIJAH

          Soloists:                                       Fiona O’Neill (s)        Claire Henry (mezzo)

                        Timothy Evans-Jones (t)            David Inwood (treble         Glenville Hargreaves (bar)

         The Croydon Festival Choir (CPC, Trinity Boys’ Choir, CPC, Chandos Choir and 9 other choirs)

         The Lambeth Orchestra


         Conductor: Christopher Fifield                                                                                               Fairfield Hall


         JULY 15th                                    NFMS Diamond Jubilee Celebration


                                                           BERLIOZ GRANDE MESSE DES MORTS


         Adrian Thompson (tenor)

         NFMS Chorus (34 choirs,  431 singers)

         NFMS Orchestra (14 orchestras)

         Conductor Brian Wright.                                                                                    Imperial College, London


         NOV. 18th.                                            HANDEL SOLOMON


         Soloists:       Paul Kusel (counter-tenor)     Philip Dennis (t)     Colette Delahunt (s)  

                                 Tracie Penwarden (s)     Gerarda McCann (s)      Anne Sheridan (s)

                 Leslie Pearson (harpsichord)    Eileen McCarthy (cello)    Adrian Beers (double bass).

         London Orpheus Orchestra

         Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                       Choir 119              Fairfield Hall


         DEC. 16th.                                   FAMILY CAROLS CONCERT 3pm and 7.45pm


                                 Benson Primary School Choir, Members of the Croydon Piano Centre, 

                                                           Bromley Youth Concert Band

         Ian le Grice (organ and piano)

         Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                                     Fairfield Hall




     1996 MAR. 2nd.                                        BACH ST. JOHN PASSION


         Soloists:       Jamesena Tait(s)              Catherine Denley (contr.)            Ian Caddy (Christus)   

                            Michael  Goldthorpe (t)          Simon Birchall (b)          Wynford Evans (Evangelist)

         Leslie Pearson (harpsichord)

         Ian Le Grice (organ)

         London Orpheus Orchestra

         Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                     Choir 129                Fairfield Hall             

                                                                                                                                 Sponsors: Drummond Centre


         MAR. 30th                         75th ANNIVERSARY  BRITISH LEGION GALA CONCERT


                                                             Central Band of the Royal British Legion


         Vocalist: Gloria Wheeling

         Presenter: John Dunn 

         Conductor: Capt. Ted Whealing                                                                                             Fairfield Hall


         MAY 18th                                MOZART  VESPERAE SOLENNES DE CONFESSORE


                                                                 HORN CONCERTO IN E FLAT MAJOR K447




         Soloists:                                Olivia Blackburn (s)                 Beverley Mills (contr.)

                                                              Brendan MacBride (t)       John Morgan (b)

         Stephen Stirling (horn) 

         Ian le Grice (organ)

         London Orpheus Orchestra

         Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                    Choir 135                Fairfield Hall              


         NOV. 2nd.                                            BEETHOVEN MISSA SOLEMNIS


         Soloists: Malmfrid Sand (s)     Beverly Mills (contr.)      Anthony Roden (t)      Ian Caddy (b)

         Ian le Grice (organ)

         London Orpheus Orchestra

         Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                      Choir 131               Fairfield Hall


                                                                                                                                  Sponsor: Drummond Centre


         DEC. 14th                                      FAMILY CAROL CONCERTS  3pm and 7.45pm


         Bromley Youth Concert Band   

         Hayes Primary School Choir

         Ian le Grice (organ and piano)

         Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                     Choir 134                Fairfield Hall     

                                                                                                                                 Sponsor:  Drummond Centre

                                                                                                                                                  Tickets: £11, £9, £7

                                 The choir is no longer supported by the London Borough of Croydon



1997 MAR. 1st.                                   BACH BRANDENBURG CONCERTO NO. 4

                                                                  JAUCHZET GOTT IN ALLEN LANDEN

                                                                              VIVALDI GLORIA

                                                                               BLISS PASTORAL

         Soloists:                               Colette Delahunt (s)            Emma Selway (mezzo)

         Joseph Frohlich (violin) 

         Crispian Steele-Perkins (trumpet)   

         Leslie Pearson (harpsichord) 

         Ian le Grice (organ)


         MARCH   First invitation to sing with the D’Oyly Carte Singers                                     Fairfield Hall


         MAY 17th.                                                  DELIUS MASS OF LIFE


         Soloists:                                           Teresa Cahill           Elizabeth Harley

                                                                      Brendan MacBride   Alan Opie

                          Croydon Philharmonic Choir     Ealing Choral Society     London Orpheus Choir

         London Orpheus Orchestra  

         Conductor James Gaddarn                    Singers (3 choirs) 235                                 Royal Festival Hall

                                                                                                                                     Sponsors:  The Delius Trust

                                                                                                                                    The John Lewis Partnership

                                                                                                                                            The London Arts Board

                                                                                                                                 NFMS Special Activities Fund


          NOV. 15th                                               HAYDN THE CREATION


          Soloists:       Colette Delahunt (S)            Andrew Burden (T)           John Hancorn (B)

          Leslie Pearson (Harpsichord).

          London Orpheus Orchestra

          Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                      Choir 126              Fairfield Hall              


          DEC. 13th.                                               CLASSIC CHRISTMAS    3pm and 7.45pm


          Bromley Youth Concert Band

          Royal Russell School Choir

          Ian le Grice (organ and piano)

          Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                     Choir 134             Fairfield Hall


          DEC. 17th    Invitation                        PHAB CELEBRITY CONCERT

          Ian le Grice (organ)

          Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                                 Croydon Parish Church




1998  JAN 24th.                                                 MENDELSSOHN  ELIJAH


          Soloists:                Alan Opie (B)                  Jan Brownhill (S)                   Helen Whittington (S)                               

                                                         Philip Creasy (T)                   Katy Bingham-Best

          11 other soloists  

          Trinity Boys’ Choir (Angels Trebles)

          CPC (117)

          Camus Philharmonic Orchestra

          Semi-staged  by Alan Tongue

          Conductor and Artistic Director  Alan Tongue                                       Choir 117            Fairfield Hall            


          FEB. 6th/7th          A GALA EVENING OF GILBERT AND SULLIVAN (an MTA production)


          Soloists:    Marylin Hill Smith      Geoffrey Shovelton      Alistair Donkin      Caroline Donohoe

          Chorus:  The Croydon Philharmonic Choir

          English Theatre Orchestra

         Conductor Tom Higgins                                                                             Choir 134             Fairfield Hall             


         MAR. 7th.                                                       VERDI REQUIEM


         Soloists:  Julie Kennard (s)     Beverley Mills (contr.)     Brendan MacBride (t)     Ian Caddy (b)

         London Orpheus Orchestra

        Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                        Choir 124              Fairfield Hall


                                                                                                                           Sponsor: The Drummond Centre




        Presenter: Richard Baker 

        Soloist: Gloria Whealing  

        Conductor: Major James Howe 

        Director of Music: Captain Ted Whealing                                                                             Fairfield Hall


        MAY 9th                                          MOZART  VESPERAE DE DOMENICA,

                                                                PIANO CONCERTO IN C MAJOR K467

                                                                        HAYDN  MISSA CELLENSIS


        Soloists:                                Gordana Kostil (S)                     Siobhan Mooney (Contr)  

                                                            Mark Anderson (T)    James Blaney   Wright(B)       

        Belinda Jones (piano) 

        London Orpheus Orchestra

        Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                    Choir 122                  Fairfield Hall              

                                                                                                                           Sponsor: The Drummond Centre                 

        JULY 11th                                                                                   VERDI REQUIEM

        Soloists:                               Franzita Whelan (s)     Anna Burford (mezzo)   

                                                         Alan Oke (t)     Matthew Hargreaves(b)

        The Really Big Chorus (83 choirs)

        The English Festival Orchestra

        Conductor: Sir David Willcocks                                                                                       Royal Albert Hall

        OCT. 30th                        HANDEL ZADOC THE PRIEST       FAURE REQUIEM

         Conductor: James Gaddarn

        NOV. 8th.                               BBC SONGS OF PRAISE for ST. CECELIA’S DAY

        Recorded in the Concert Hall of the Royal College of Music on 8th November.

        Broadcast on 22nd November

        Conductor: Bob Chilcott 

        DEC. 5th                                                    HANDEL MESSIAH

        Soloists:                        Julie-Dawn Lloyd (s )            Deborah Humble (mezzo)  

                                                        Declan Kelly (t)             Jeremy  Vinogradov (t)

        London Mozart Players

        Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                  Fairfield Hall

        DEC. 12th                                              FAMILY CAROL CONCERT       7.45pm (no afternoon   


        Celebrity Guest  Brian Blessed

        Bromley Youth Concert Band

        Royal Russell School Choir

        Ian le Grice (piano and organ)

        Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                   Choir 127                   Fairfield Hall                  

                                                                                                                          Sponsor: The  Westminster Bank


1999 FEB 26th.                           A GALA EVENING OF GILBERT AND SULLIVAN

                                                                          An MTA production

         Soloists:                                    Marylin Hill Smith    Caroline Donahoe

                                                              David Fieldsend        Alistair Donkin

        The English Theatre Orchestra

        Conductor: Tom Higgins                                                                                                           Fairfield Hall

        MAR. 6TH                                                   SPRING CLASSICS

                                     HANDEL DIXIT DOMINUS    ORGAN CONCERTO NO. 6 IN B FLAT

                                                                       HAYDN NELSON MASS

        Soloists:                                Jamesina Tait (s)               Hannah Jones (s) 

                                 Paul Kusel (counter-tenor)    James Geer (t)        Paul Willcock (b)

        Ian Le Grice (organ)                                                                            

        London Orpheus Orchestra

        Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                         Choir 133           Fairfield Hall           

                                                                                                                                  Sponsor: Drummond Centre


        Presenter: Ken Bruce

        Soloist: Gloria Whealing


        Conductors:  Captain Ted Whealing     Major James Howe                                                Fairfield Hall

        May 22nd                                FAREWELL CONCERT BY JAMES GADDARN

                                                            BERLIOZ GRANDE MESSE DES MORTS

        Soloist:                                                   Michael Hart-Davis (t)

                       Croydon Philharmonic Choir       Ealing Choral Society        London Orpheus Choir

        London Orpheus Orchestra

        Conductor: James Gaddarn                                                                    Choir 130                 Fairfield Hall                  

                                         Sponsors:  LANDIS &  GYR;  MSB International PLC;  London Arts Board;  NFMS 

         NOV 17th                                        GREAT CHORAL CLASSICS


                                MOZART AVE VERUM CORPUS         STAINER CRUCIFIXION

                                                   VERDI REQUIEM                PARRY JERUSALEM     And orchestral pieces

        Presenter:  Ken Bruce


        BBC Concert Orchestra

        Conductor: Owain Arwel Hughes

        Part of the Fairfield International Orchestra Series                                                             Fairfield Hall

        NOV 27th                                  DAVID GIBSON’S INAUGURAL CONCERT


                                                      JANACEK GLAGOLITIC MASS (in the original Czech)

          Soloists:                                  Jacqueline Evill (s)       Gaynor Keeble (mezzo)

                                                                 Alan Oke (t)        Henry Waddington (b)

          Ian Le Grice: organ

          The Philharmonia Orchestra

          Conductor: David Gibson                                                                           Choir 137           Fairfield Hall                   

           DEC. 11th.                                       TRADITIONAL CHRISTMAS CAROLS   

           Bromley Youth Concert Band, Scotts Park Singers

           Michael Hollingworth

           Compere:  Ed Stewart

           Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                                       Fairfield Hall  

                                                                                                                                               (Collection for PHAB)

Sponsors in the programme:  The National Westminster Bank; The Royal Bank of Scotland; MSB International;  St. Martin’s Property Group (developers of the Drummond Shopping Centre); Landis and Gyr Communications; The National Federation of Music Societies; The Worshipful Company of Musicians; Catherine Johnstone Recruitment and Training; Kinghams of Croydon; Cornwall Lordi, Chartered Accountant (for supplying flowers and wine during the season);  Ristorante Campana; Van den Berg Foods; Gardner Merchant.  An appeal for new sponsors, offering special hospitality arrangements, prominent acknowledgement in programmes, complimentary tickets; free advertising).

           Soloists:               Alfreda Hodgson (contralto)     Brian Rayner Cook (baritone)

           Ian Le Grice (organ).            

           English  Symphony Orchestra,  

           Conductor: James Gaddarn.                                                                     Choir 176           Fairfield Hall 

                                                                                                                            Tickets: £4, £3.50, £3, £2.50, £2                                                                                                                       

                                                                                                                                       Sponsor:  ICC Information

           NOV.19th                        DONIZETTI REQUIEM      ROSSINI STABAT MATER

           Soloists:                                  Merril Jenkins (s)   Patricia Conti (contr)                                     

                                            Kenneth Woollam (t)   Ian Caddy (b)     Bruce Kershaw (b)

           Ian le Grice (organ).

           London Philharmonic Orchestra

           Conductor James Gaddarn                                                                        Choir 172           Fairfield Hall       

           DEC.17th.                                       Carol Concert 3pm and 7.45pm.

           With the Parkhill School Choir (conductor *Gwen Rabinovitz, choir member),

           Margaret Roper Primary School (conductor Jean Theobald)

           Croydon Schools Centre Wind Orchestra (conductor David Kendall)

           Ian Le Grice (organ)

          Conductor James Gaddarn.                                                                                                   Fairfield Hall



2000 MAR. 4th                                            A CELEBRATION OF BRITISH CLASSICS

                                                            PURCELL CHACONNE IN G MINOR

                                FINZI IN TERRA PAX    VAUGHAN WILLIAMS  DONA NOBIS PACEM   

                                                             ELGAR SERENADE IN E MINOR

         Soloists:                              Marianne Vidal (s)   Russell Smythe (bar.)

         London Mozart Players

         Conductor: David Gibson                                                                             Choir 136          Fairfield Hall            

                                                                                                                                                               10 sponsors

         MAR. 25th.                          A GALA GILBERT AND SULLIVAN EVENING

                                                              With The D’Oyly Carte Singers

        Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                                          Fairfield Hall

         APRIL 15th                      CENTRAL BAND OF THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION

         Compere: Ed Stewart

         Vocalist:  Gloria Whealing

         Conductor: Ted Whealing

         MAY 20th.                                    ELGAR DREAM OF GERONTIUS   

         Soloists:    Liane Keegan (mezzo)      Justin Lavender (ten)      Mark Holland (baritone)

         New London Sinfonia

         Conductor: David Gibson                                                                           Choir 109            Fairfield Hall           

                                                                                                                                                               11 sponsors

         MAY 27th  and 28th.   London International Tattoo at Wembley Arena

                                 The Band of the Grenadier Guards     The Band of the Royal Marines

                                              The Band of the United States Air Force in Europe

                  The Central Band of the White Russian Army    The Band of the Royal Swedish Navy                                        

         MAY 24th.                                 THE RUSSIAN BIG BAND CONCERT

         OCT 11th.                                             OPERA GALA NIGHT

                    Soloists:     Claire Rutter      Della Jones     Bonaventura Bottone     Alan Opie

                    BBC Concert Orchestra

                    Conductor: Peter Robinson                                                                                          Fairfield Hall

         NOV. 11th.                 ROYAL BRITISH LEGION FESTIVAL OF REMEMBRANCE (2.30 and 7pm)

                                                      In the presence of Her Majesty The Queen

                                                                        Royal Albert Hall                                                      

         NOV 18TH                                              HAYDN TE DEUM 

                                                          SYMPHONY NO. 49, ‘LA PASSIONE’  

                                                              MOZART MASS IN C MINOR

         Soloists: Jeni Bern(s) Leah Marion Jones (mezzo) Richard Barrawclough (t) Giles Davies (bar.)

         London Mozart Players

         Conductor David Gibson                                                                                                          Fairfield Hall

         DEC. 16TH                                                CAROL CONCERT

         Bromley Youth Concert Band and the Scotts Park Singers

         Conductor:  Paul Dodds                                                                                 Choir 143         Fairfield Hall            


2001 MAR. 3rd.                                     BRAHMS SONG OF DESTINY

                                                              Beethoven Emperor Concerto       

                                                                     Pianist Ronald Smith

                                                               BRAHMS GERMAN REQUIEM

          Soloists:                                Yvonne Barclay       Simon Kirkbride

          New London Sinfonia Orchestra

          Conductor: David Gibson                                                                             Choir 137         Fairfield Hall     

          APR. 7th                    CENTRAL BAND OF THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION

                                                     with the Croydon Philharmonic Choir                                       Fairfield Hall

2001 MAY 19th.                                         A NIGHT OF REVELRY 

                                      HIAWATHA’S WEDDING FEAST – S. COLERIDGE TAYLOR     

                                                             CARMINA BURANA  - CARL ORFF

                                          Alycia Fashae (s)        Alan Oke (t)      Richard Morris (bar.)

         New Queen’s Hall Orchestra

                                Croydon Philharmonic Choir (137)    Wimbledon Choral Society (159)

        Conductors: Michael Ashcroft                                                                                            

                                David Gibson                                                                                                       Fairfield

        AUG. 5th.  FIRST NIGHT OF THE PROMS (and fireworks) with the Brandenburg Sinfonia

                          Conductor: Sarah Tennant-Flowers

        AUG 19th   BAROQUE FAVOURITES (and fireworks)  with the Brandenburg Sinfonia

                          Conductor: Richard Balcombe


                                                   In the presence of Her Majesty the Queen

                  With Wimbledon Choral Society, Croydon Parish Church Choir  and 2 other choirs.

                                                                                                                                                      Royal Albert Hall

        NOV. 17th.                                             VERDI REQUIEM

        Soloists:                           Jacqueline Evill (s)    Christine Rice (mezzo 

                                                      Gordon Wilson (t)   Jeremy White (b)

        New London Sinfonia

       Conductor: David Gibson                                                                           Choir 143              Fairfield Hall

                                                                                     Sponsors: St. Martin’s Property Group Ltd.

                                                                                                        Catherine Johnstone Recruitment

                                                                                                        Sodexho Catering and Support Services

                                                                                                        The Humphrey Richardson Taylor

                                                                                                        Charitable Trust  Orchestra

        DEC. 13th                                        CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION

                                                 By invitation from the BBC Concert Orchestra                              Fairfield Hall

       Conductor: Peter Robinson                                                                                                     

        DEC. 15th                                                  FAMILY CAROLS 

                                        The Whitgift Chamber Orchestra and the Scotts Park Singers

         Ian le Grice (organ)

         Conductor: David Gibson                                                                            Choir 138           Fairfield Hall           

                                                                                                                                                              4 sponsors


2002 MAR. 2nd.                                        GILBERT AND SULLIVAN     

        Soloists:               Yvonne Patrick       Louise Crane      Patricia Leonard (for Frances McCafferty)

                                                Andrew Forbes-Lane      Gareth Jones      Barry Suart

        New London Synfonia

        Conductor: David Gibson                                                                              Choir 138         Fairfield Hall         

                                                                                                                                                                  5 sponsors                                                                                                                                                                        

        APRIL 27th                               With The Royal British Legion at Fairfield

        MAY18th                                                     HAYDN CREATION

        Soloists:                      Mary Nelson          William Kendall           Brindley Sherrat

        London Mozart Players

        Conductor: David Gibson                                                                              Fairfield Hall

                                  Owain Arwel Hughes succeeds E. Wulstan Atkins, MBE, M.A.

                                                                   as President of the Choir


                                                                            2pm and 7pm

                                                          In the presence of H.M. The Queen

         Director:  Brig. Ian Townsend                                                            Five choirs          Royal Albert Hall                                          

        NOV. 16th                                                 CLEARLY CLASSIC   

                                                             MENDELSSOHN HYMN OF PRAISE

                                                                  WALTON CROWN IMPERIAL

                                                                WALTON BELSHAZZAR’S FEAST         

        Soloists:                                      Lucy Crowe             Helen Withers      

                                                  Andrew Kennnedy                  Robert Hayward

        The New Queen’s Hall Orchestra

                                Croydon Philharmonic Choir (142)      Wimbledon Choral Society (151)

        Conductors:  David Gibson  

                                Michael Ashcroft                                                                                                Fairfield Hall

                                                                                                                                                              2 sponsors

       DEC. 14th.                                             FAMILY CAROLS    8pm

                                    With the Scotts Park Singers and The Salvation Army Band

        Conductor: David Gibson                                                                            Choir 138            Fairfield Hall                   


2003 MAR 1st                                                MAGIC OF MOZART   

                                             REGINA COELI    CLARINET CONCERTO      REQUIEM

         Soloists:                      Patrizia Kwella (s)    Alexandra Sherman (mezzo)  

                                             Christopher Steels (t)   Mathias Hausmann (bar)

         Angela Malsbury (clarinet)

         London Mozart Players

         Conductor David Gibson                                                                              Choir 147           Fairfield Hall                        

         MAY 14th.                                         LAST NIGHT OF THE PROMS

         An invitation to perform under the baton of the choir’s President, Owain Arwel Hughes at the

         Fairfield Hall.

         MAY 17th. CORONATION GOLDEN JUBILEE An invitation from the New Queen’s Hall Orchestra             

         in the recreation of all the music performed at the Queen’s Coronation in 1953.    Fairfield Hall

         JUNE 29th   An invitation to join in a classics evening with a Last Night of the Proms atmosphere

         at the Royal Russell School.


                                                     In the  presence of Her Majesty The Queen                   Royal Albert Hall

         NOV.15th.                                             MENDELSSOHN ELIJAH

         Soloists:                                        Jeni Bern          Kathleen Wilkinson

                                                             Wynne Evans               Richard Morris

         Trinity Boys’ Choir

         New London Sinfonia

         Conductor David Gibson                                                                              Choir 110           Fairfield Hall        

         DEC. 20th.                                                 FAMILY CAROLS

                                    With The Salvation Army Band         The Scotts Park Singers    

                                                      The Princes Plain School Steel Band

          Ian Le Grice (organ)

         Conductor: David Gibson                                                                             Choir 110          Fairfield Hall        


2004 Mar. 6th.                                              RUSSIAN SPECTACULAR

                                                            PROKOFIEV ROMEO AND JULIET (excerpts)   

                                                   MUSSORGSKY SONGS AND DANCES OF DEATH

                                              BORODIN POLOVTSIAN DANCES FROM PRINCE IGOR

                                                            PROKOFIEV ALEXANDER NEVSKY

        Soloist: Ekaterina Gubanova

        New London Sinfonia

        Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                                          Fairfield Hall

        APRIL 3rd.                 Concert by invitation of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

                                                             Schubert Unfinished Symphony,

                                                  Mozart Clarinet Concerto)      FAURE REQUIEM.

        Soloists: Gillian Keith (s)  

        Emma Johnson (clarinet)

        Conductor: Nicholas Cleobury                                                                                                 Fairfield Hall

        MAY 15TH                                          BIZET  THE PEARL FISHERS

        Soloists:                      Alycia Fashae (s)  Nicholas Ransley (t)   Gavin Carr (bar)

        New London Sinfonia

        Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                                          Fairfield Hall

        NOV.  20th.                                             HANDEL MESSIAH

                                                               (semi-staged by Peter Knapp)

        Soloists:                                       Jeni Bern      Alison Kettlewell     

                                                             Sean Clayton     Adrian Powter

        New London Sinfonia

        Conductor: David Gibson                                                                               Choir 139         Fairfield Hall         

        DEC. 18th   Carol concert with the World Premier of Antonin Tucapsky’s ‘CHRISTMASTIDE’

        Royal Russell School Choir

        Bromley Youth Concert Band

        Princes Plain Primary School Steel Band

        Conductor: David Gibson                                                                               Choir 144         Fairfield Hall       


2005  Mar 5th                        V. WILLIAMS SEA SYMPHONY       LARK ASCENDING

                                                                            J. RUTTER GLORIA

        Soloists:                                         Joanna Burton        Gavin Carr        

        Gillian Findlay (Violin)

        New London Sinfonia

        Conductor David Gibson                                                                                Choir 131          Fairfield Hall         

                                                                                                            Sponsors: Catherine Johnstone


                                                                                                            The Humphrey Richardson Taylor

                                                                                                            Charitable Trust (supporting the

                                                                                                             Tsusnami Appeal)              

       MAY 14th                                     GILBERT AND SULLIVAN EVENING

       Soloists:                    Marylin Hill Smith (s)           Patricia Hill Smith (mezzo) 

                                       Nick Sales (t)        Jeremy Peaker (bar)         John Ayldon (b)

       New London Sinfonia

       Conductor David Gibson                                                                                                            Fairfield Hall

       JUNE 26th                                            BRITTEN WAR REQUIEM

       Soloists:              Victoria Savchuk       Justin Lavender      Mattijs Van de Woerd

                               Southampton Philharmonic Choir         Portsmouth Festival Choir    

            Southampton University Choir    Portsmouth Youth Choir      Croydon Philharmonic Choir

       The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

       Conductor: David Gibson                                                         All Choirs 273         Portsmouth Guildhall         

       NOV. 19th.                                       BACH CHRISTMAS ORATORIO

       Soloists:                                    Rebecca Ryan         Alexandra Sherman         

                                                   Paul Austin Kelly              Jonathan Gunthorpe

       New London Sinfonia

       Conductor David Gibson                                                                                Choir 120           Fairfield Hall                

                                                                                                                                Sponsor:  Croydon Advertiser

       DEC 17th                                          FAMILY CAROL CONCERT

       Bishop of Croydon

       With the Bromley Youth Concert Band,  Princes Plain Steel Band, Trinity Boys’ Choir

       Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                Choir 119         Fairfield Hall            


       The founder’s widow, Mrs. Ethel Kirby, died in 2005.  Alan Kirby left the choir £5000 when he

        died in 1959, and on Mrs. Kerby’s death the choir inherited half the value of her house.


2006 MAR. 25th                                BEETHOVEN MISSA SOLEMNIS

      Soloists:     Jenni Bern (s)      Sophie Mansell (a)      Jon English (t)      Nigel Williams (b)

      The Goldsmiths Choral Union

      London Mozart Players

      Conductor  Brian Wright                                                                                                             Fairfield Hall 


      Soloists:                             Natasha Marsh (s)       Gavin Carr (bar)

      Reiko Fujisawa (piano)

      New London Sinfonia 

      Conductor  David Gibson                                                                                 Choir 129          Fairfield Hall               

                                                                                                       Sponsor: Catherine  Johnstone Recruitment




                                                     In the presence In the of Her Majesty The Queen      

                                                                                  2pm and 7pm                                           Royal Albert Hall                                                                 

      NOV. 18th.                   KARL JENKINS  THE ARMED MAN        BRUCKNER TE DEUM,

                                                         VAUGHAN WILLIAMS SERENADE TO MUSIC

     Soloists:                                         Lorna Anderson      Heather Shipp

                                                     Andrew Forbes-Lane       Nicholas Warden   

     Joint concert with Wimbledon Choral Society.

     New London Sinfonia

     Conductors: David Gibson

                           Michael Ashcroft                                                                                                     Fairfield Hall                 

                                                                                                                                         Sponsors: Making Music


                                                                                                                                                    Croydon Guardian

     DEC. 16th                                            CLASSIC CHRISTMAS

                                              With the choir of the Croydon Parish Church          

     Soloist: Matthew Crane, U.K.’s youngest operatic baritone.

     London Mozart Players

     Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                  Choir 105         Fairfield Hall        

                                                                                                                               Sponsor: Catherine Johnstone Recruitment   

     DEC. 17th   Service of Nine Lessons and Carols at Croydon Parish Church


2007  MAR 3rd                                    AMERICAN EXTRAVAGANZA




     Soloists:                      Matthew Thomas (treble)    Lorna Perry (mezzo)

     Glen Inanga (piano)

     New London Sinfonia

     Conductor David Gibson                                                                                   Choir 105          Fairfield Hall

                                                                                                        Sponsor: The Humphrey Richardson Taylor  

                                                                                                                         Charitable Trust.   

      MAY 6th. 3pm                                     TEA WITH MOZART:

                                                  TANTUM ERGO     EXSULTATE JUBILATE;

                                           CORONATION MASS     EINE KLEINE NACHTMUSIK.

     Interval with cream tea

     New London Sinfonia   

     Conductor:  David Gibson                                                                                              Royal Russell School 

     Choir rehearsals move from the Baptist Church in S. Croydon to St. Matthew’s Church,

     Chichester Road, East Croydon.

     NOV. 17th.             ELGAR GRANIA AND DIARMID, Op.42       SPIRIT OF ENGLAND

                                                           LLOYD WEBBER REQUIEM

     Soloists:                Erica Eloff         Christopher Lemmings        Jamie Gill (treble)

     New London Sinfonia

     Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                   Choir 100        Fairfield Hall              

                                                                                                       Sponsor: Catherine Johnstone  Recruitment 

                                   (Last concert in Fairfield Hall as our regular concert venue).


2008  FEB. 2nd.                                             HANDEL MESSIAH

     Soloists:                                          Erica Eloff               Louise Poole

                                                        Adrian Ward              Hakan Vramsmo

     Crispian Steele-Perkins (trumpet)

     Ian le Grice (organ)

     New London Sinfonia    

     Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                 St. Martin’s Church, Dorking      

     MAR. 8th            VOCAL WORKSHOP (10am – 5pm) at St. Matthew’s Church, East Croydon.

                                                     Based on ROSSINI STABAT MATER

     MAR. 22nd                                             HANDEL MESSIAH 

                                             Invitation from the Croydon Citadel Army Band                           Fairfield Hall                                                                                                                           


                                    SAMUEL COLERIDGE-TAYLOR HIAWATHA’S WEDDING FEAST;

                                  Copland Fanfare for The Common Man and Appalachian Spring.

   Soloist: Javier Rodriguez (t)

   Daniel Marcos ( piano)

   Oscar Puebla (guitar, charango)

   Fernando ‘Fana’ Martinez (percussion, quena)

   New London Sinfonia   

   Basingstoke Choral Society (151) with CPC 58

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                             The Anvil, Basingstoke

                                            First joint performance with Basingstoke Choral Society

   JUNE 7th                                                       AN ITALIAN EVENING

                                             PUCCINI MESSA DI GLORIA       ROSSINI STABAT MATER

   Soloists:                                     Sally Harrison                 Kim-Marie Woodhouse 

                                                                 David Webb        Nicholas  Warden

   New London Sinfonia

    Conductor : David Gibson                                                                                            Dorking Halls, Reigate

    SEPT. 27th.                   WORKSHOP at St. Matthew’s Church, South Croydon

                        CRISPIAN STEELE-PERKINS takes over as PRESIDENT from Owain Arwel Hughes

                                                 ERICA ELOFF BECOMES A VICE-PRESIDENT

    NOV. 22nd                                   ELGAR THE DREAM OF GERONTIUS

    Soloists:                      Mark Wilde     Kim-Marie Woodhouse     Nicholas Warden

                                        The Basingstoke Choral Society (131)     Occam Singers (21)   

                             Southampton Philharmonic Choir(18)      Croydon Philharmonic Choir (45)


    New London Sinfonia                                    

    Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                            The Anvil, Basingstoke

    DEC. 9th.  VIENNESE STRAUSS CHRISTMAS GALA with Much Loved Productions             Fairfield Hall

    Carol Concert?


2009  FEB. 1st                                A MOSAIC OF VAUGHAN WILLIAMS

                             A tribute to founder Alan Kirby and to Ralph Vaughan Williams

                                                                  A CHORAL FLOURISH

                                             FANTASIA ON A THEME BY THOMAS TALLIS

                                                                 SERENADE TO MUSIC


     Soloists:                                       Erica Eloff     Akiko Enomoto

                                                  Lynton Atkinson           Nicholas Warden

     Members of Bromley Youth Choirs

     Choristers of Royal Russell School

     CPC (69)   Basingstoke Choral Society (84)

     New London Sinfonia

     Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                                             Fairfield Hall

     APR. 4th                    MAINLY MOZART - TANTUM ERGO  -  LAUDATE DOMINUM

                                                                REQUIEM MASS IN D MINOR

                                      VIVALDI CONCERTO IN C FOR TWO TRUMPETS AND STRINGS

     Soloists:                                      Erica Eloff        Monica Brett-Crowther  

                                                               Adrian Ward    Hakan Vramso

     Crispian Steel-Perkins (trumpet)

     John Ellwood (trumpet)

     New London Sinfonia

     Conductor: David Gibson                                                                    Choir 91       Croydon Parish Church                      

     JUNE 14th                                                VIBRANT RHYTHMS 

                                                           FANSHAWE AFRICAN SANCTUS

                                                                  RAMIREZ MISA CREOLLA

     Soloists:                            Maria Kesselman            Richard Edgar-Wilson

     Rhythm Quartet

     Conductor: David Gibson                                                                     Choir 88               The Menuhin Hall

                                                                                                                                                       Stoke d’Abernon

     SEPT 26th    Singing Workshop  9am – 4pm  St. Matthew’s Church, East Croydon

     NOV. 14th.                              AN EVENING OF FRENCH MUSIC


                                                       MASQUES & BERGEMASQUES,


     Soloists:          Alexander Robin Baker (bar)   Freddy Benedict (treble)

     Trinity Boys Choir

     New London Sinfonia

     Conductor: David Gibson                                                              Choir 86       Trinity School, Shirley Park                        

     NOV.21st.  Friday Night is Music Night recording with the  BBC Concert Orchestra, Fairfield Hall


     DEC. 15th.                                           CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS!  With mulled wine and mince pies.

     Crispian Steele-Perkins (trumpet)

     Ian le Grice (organ)

     Conductor: David Gibson                                                                   St. Matthew’s Church, East Croydon


2010  MAR. 21st.                                           VERDI REQUIEM

     Soloists:                            Erica Eloff (s)        Kim-Marie Woodhouse (mezzo)

                                                     James Edwards (t)      Nicholas Warden (bb)

                                 Basingstoke Choral Society (162)       Croydon Philharmonic Society (75)

     New London Sinfonia

     Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                                                   The Anvil


     JUNE 5th.                                                   HAYDN CREATION   

     Soloists:                           Erica Eloff       Joseph Cornwell      Nicholas Warden

     Ian le Grice (harpsichord)

    Conductor: David Gibson                                                                     Choir 88         Cadogan Hall, London                

     JULY 10th   Concert for Compassionate Art with Emmanual Church, S. Croydon

     SEPT. 25th.   SINGING WORKSHOP with David Gibson and James Davey

                                            At St. Matthew’s Church,  East Croydon

     NOV. 6th.                                              A GLORIOUS VICTORY

                                                                   HAYDN NELSON MASS

                                                        MOZART SERENATA NOTTURNA in D

                                               WILLCOCKS A GREAT AND GLORIOUS VICTORY  

     Soloists:                                       Erica Eloff         Helen Sherman

                                               Andrew Dickinson               Hakan Vramsmo

     New London Sinfonia

     Conductor: David Gibson                                                             Choir 90        Trinity School, Shirley Park            

     DEC. 14th                                      THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS with mulled wine and mince pies

     Crispian Steele-Perkins (trumpet)

     Ian le Grice (organ)

     Conductor: David Gibson                                                                           St. Matthew’s Church, Croydon

    DEC. 18th.  RPO Christmas Concert with Carl Davis at Fairfield Hall cancelled because of snow.


2011 APR. 2nd.                            F. J. HAYDN INSANAE ET VANAE CURAE

                                                          SCHUBERT UNFINISHED SYMPHONY

                                                                          BRAHMS REQUIEM

    Soloists:                                                Erica  Eloff            John Lofthouse

    CPC and Basingstoke Choral Society

    New London Sinfonia

    Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                                 Guildford Cathedral

    JUNE 19th.                                              THE AGE OF VIVALDI

                                                          VIVALDI BEATUS VIR IN C MAJOR

                                     MARCELLO CONCERTO  FOR OBOE AND STRINGS IN D MINOR

                                                                PERGOLESE MAGNIFICAT

                                                                          VIVALDI GLORIA                   

    Soloists:                                            Pippa Goss         Laura Trayhurn 

                                                               Greg Tassell         Ashley Riches

    Lara Forbes (oboe)

    Ian le Grice (harpsichord)

    New London Sinfonia

    Conductor: David Gibson                                                                         Choir 94            The Menuhin Hall

                                                                                                                                                      Stoke D’Abernon          

    SEPT 13th                                Open rehearsal and social evening 7.15pm

                                                         Preparation for Handel Theodor         St. Matthew’s Church, Croydon

    SEPT. 24th.  Last Night of the Proms with the Croydon Symphony Orchestra (invitation)

    NOV. 12th                                                     HANDEL THEODORA

    Soloists:                                   Sophie Beven (s)         Carolyn Dobbin (mezzo)

                      Rupert Enticknap (counter-tenor)     Greg Tassell (t)         Robert Rice (bar.)


    Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                                      Croydon Minster

    DEC. 13th.                                           CHRISTMAS CHEER  with mulled wine and mince pies

    Crispian Steele-Perkins (trumpet)

    Ian le Grice (piano/organ)

    Conductor: David Gibson                                                                    St. Matthew’s Church, East Croydon                        


 2012  FEB. 11th                                 Come and sing MESSIAH  2pm

                                             Informal workshop/concert 6.30-8.30pm       St. Matthew’s Church, Croydon

                                                                                                                              £8 non-members, £5 audience

    MAR. 25th                                                  LIGHT AND HOPE

                                                             CHILCOTT CANTICLES OF LIGHT

                                                             BAX FLUTE AND HARP SONATA

                                                                      RUTTER REQUIEM

    Soloist:                                                       Laurie Ashworth (s) 

    Sally Price (harp)   Katherine Bicknell (flute)

    New London Ensemble

    Conductor: David Gibson                                                                           Choir 84          The Menuhin Hall

                                                                                                                                                      Stoke D’Abernon           

    MAY 2Oth.                                      BEETHOVEN 9TH SYMPHONY 

                                                                  HAYDN NELSON  MASS

    Soloist                                             Erica Eloff (s)        Victoria Simmonds (mezzo)

                                                         Nathan Vale (t)         Ashley Riches (bar)

                                Basingstoke Choral Society (157)    Croydon Philharmonic Choir (87)

    London Mozart Players

    Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                            The Anvil, Basingstoke


    SEPT. 29th.                                       LAST NIGHT OF THE PROMS

                                                   A GALA CONCERT OF POPULAR CLASSICS

                                                             Croydon Symphony Orchestra

                   Festival Singers      Croydon Philharmonic Choir       East Surrey Choral Society

                                                       Chandos Choir    John Fisher Choir

    Dorothea Herbert (s)

    Yuka Ishizuka (solo violin)

    Conductor: Darrell Davison                                                                                                          Fairfield Hall


    NOV. 3rd.                                FAIRFIELD AT 50:  BEETHOVEN GALA (invitation)

                                                           In the presence of The Duke of York


    Soloists:                                 Rachel Nicholls (s)        Catherine Carby (mezzo)

                                                    James Edwards (t)        Stephen Gadd (bar)

   Sarah Beth Briggs (piano)

                                     Croydon Philharmonic Choir            Wimbledon Choral Society

   Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

   Conductor: Owain Arwel Hughes                                                                                                 Fairfield Hall

   NOV. 10th.                                                  BAROQUE AND BEYOND

                                       CHARPENTIER TE DEUM     HANDEL CORONATION ANTHEMS

                                                                            BACH MAGNIFICAT

   Soloists:                                       Susanna Hurrell (s)      Caryl Hughes (mezzo)

                                                           Nathan Vale (t)       Hakan Vramsmo (bar)

   New London Ensemble

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                                       Croydon Minster   

   DEC. 8th.       CHRISTMAS CRACKER with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (invitation)

   DEC. 18th                                MUSIC, MULLED WINE AND MINCE PIES

                                                          at St. Matthew’s Church, Croydon


2013 APR. 13th.                   BERLIOZ MESSE SOLENNELLE       JENKINS ARMED MAN  

   Soloists:                                        Erica Eloff (s)        Rachel Farr (mezzo)

                                                 Stephen Brown (t)       Nicholas Warden (b)

                                                      CPC and Basingstoke Choral Society

   New London Sinfonia

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                                       G Live, Guildford



                                  ROSSINI, STAINER, C. WOOD, V. STANFORD, MENDELSSOHN, HOLST,


   Soloists:                           Rachel Farr            Stephen Brown             Ben Thapa

   Ian Shaw (piano/organ)

   Conductor:  David Gibson                                                                    Choir 75        St. John The Evangelist

                                                                                                                                            Upper Norwood

                                                                100th ANNIVERSARY SEASON

                                                     All concerts supporting Shooting Star Chase

   NOV. 16th.                                       (Beginning of CPC’s 100th season)          

                                                                  THE MAGIC OF MOZART

                                                 REGINA COELI     EINE KLEINE NACHTMUSIK,

                                           LAUDATE DOMINUM     REQUIEM MASS IN D MINOR

   Soloists:                                        Erica Eloff (s)        Katie Bray (mezzo) 

                                                      Nathan Vale (t)          Hakan Vramsmo (bar)

   Ian le Grice (organ)

   New London Sinfonia

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                            Choir 180          Croydon Minster      


   DEC. 17th.                                         CHRISTMAS CONCERT with mulled wine and mince pies

   Ian le Grice (organ and Piano)

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                     Choir 79         St. Matthew’s  Church



2014  JAN. 11th.                                 All-day singing workshop                            Shirley Methodist Church


                                                                     VERDI TE DEUM

   Soloists:                               Erica Eloff (s)          Heather Shipp (mezzo)

                                                 James Edwards (t)          Ashley Riches (b)

                                                   Basingstoke Choral Society with CPC

   New London Sinfonia 

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                        CPC 83    Basingstoke 138

                                                                                                                                             The Anvil, Basingstoke

   JUNE 14th                  100 YEARS OF THE CROYDON PHILHARMONIC CHOIR    

                                        HURD A SONG FOR ST. CECILIA     BACH SUITE NO 1


   Soloists:                                       Erica Eloff (s)          Clare McCaldin (mezzo) 

                                                         Greg Tassell (t)       Hakan Vramsmo (bar)

   New London Sinfonia

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                        Choir 80       Cadogan Hall      

   SEPT. 13th.                   SINGING WORKSHOP, led by ERICA ELOFF (VICE-PRESIDENT)   

                                                              Shirley Methodist Church

   SEPT. 27th.                             LAST NIGHT OF THE CROYDON PROMS   (invitation)              Fairfield Hall                      

   DEC. 6th                                            100th BIRTHDAY CONCERT

                                                                     HANDEL  MESSIAH

   Soloists:                                Erica Eloff (s)         Carolyn Dobbin (Mezzo)

                                                James Edwards (t)  Alexander Robin Baker (b)

   London Mozart Players

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                         Choir 91       Fairfield Hall      

   DEC. 16th                     CHRISTMAS CONCERT, with mulled wine and mince pies  

                                                            St. Matthew’s Church, Croydon


2015  APR. 18th                                             VERDI REQUIEM

   Soloists:                            Stephanie Corley (s)             Marie Elliott (mezzo)

                                               David Butt Philip (t)             Ashley Riches (b)

                                        CPC (92) with the Basingstoke Choral Society (131)

   New London Sinfonia

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                                  Guildford Cathedral

   JUNE 20th                                    MUSIC FOR A SUMMER’S EVENING

                                                        Shearing - Songs from Shakespeare

                                            Rutter - Birthday Madrigals       Parry  English Lyrics

                                                                        Parry  Magnificat

                                           Strawberries, wine and soft drinks served in the interval.

   Soloist:                                                              Zita Syme (s) 

   Paul Sherman (double bass)

   Ian le Grice (organ and piano)

   Conductor: Stephen Brown                                                                  Choir 99         St. Matthew’s Church   


   SEPT. 26th.                             LAST NIGHT OF THE CROYDON PROMS                                     Fairfield Hall

   NOV. 21st.                                    REQUIEM AND REMEMBRANCE

                                                       FAURE CANTIQUE DE JEAN RACINE

                                                       ELGAR SOSPIRI and FOR THE FALLEN

                                             HOLST ST. PAUL’S SUITE         FAURE REQUIEM

   Soloists:                           Robin Allegra Parton (s)    John Lofthouse ( bar.)

   New London Sinfonia

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                        Choir 95          St. Mildred’s Church 



   DEC.15th.                      CHRISTMAS CHEER  -  CAROLS AND CHRISTMAS MUSIC

                                             Mulled wine and mince pies served in the interval

   Soloist: Tamsin Stevens

   Ian le Grice (organ/piano)

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                             St. Matthew’s Church, Croydon


2016 APRIL 16th                                         DVORAK STABAT MATER

   Soloists:                                      Erica Eloff (s)          Diana Moore (mezzo)

                                             Alexander James Edwards (t)            Dingle Yandell (b)

                                                   Basingstoke Choral Society (128) and CPC (84)

   New London Sinfonia

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                              Winchester Cathedral

   JUNE 25th                                                    SUMMERTIME BLUES

                                           COLE PORTER JAZZ TRIO      GERSHWIN SECOND PIANO PRELUDE, 

                                                        GERSHWIN PORGY AND BESS (selection)

                                                                    WILL TODD MASS IN BLUE

   Soloist                                                               Tamsin Stevens

                                          Chris Caldwell (saxophone)     Jerome Davies (double bass)

                                                                            Seb Guard (drums)

   Ian le Grice (piano)

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                          Choir 95       St. Mary Magdalene’s Church


   NOV.19th.                                                      BAROQUE BLISS

                                        PERGOLESI MAGNIFICAT         PACHABEL SINGET DEM HERRN,

                                       VIVALDI DIXIT DOMINUS          PACHABEL CANON IN D

                                                                          VIVALDI GLORIA      

   Soloists:                                            Nika Goric (s)        Grace Durham (a)

                                                       Timothy Langston (t)      Timothy Nelson (b)

   Ian le Grice (harpsichord)

   New London Sinfonia

   Conductor: David Simpson                                                                       Choir 98        St. Mildred’s Church


   DEC. 15th.                                                 CHRISTMAS CHEER

                                                           With mulled wine and mince pies

   Ian le Grice (organ/piano)

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                              St. Matthew’s Church



2017  APR. 8th.                                    BACH ST. MATTHEW PASSION  

   Soloists:              John Lofthouse (bar.- Jesus)    David Burrows (t.- The Evangelist),

                                               Miles D’Cruz (t)         Marie Eliott (mezzo) 

                                          Timothy Nelson (bar.)   Robyn Allegra Parton (s)

                                           CPC (98) with Basingstoke Choral Society (154)

   Ars Eloquentiae

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                             The Anvil, Basingstoke

   JUNE 17th.                                             GILBERT AND SULLIVAN    

                                                         TRIAL BY JURY AND HMS PINAFORE

   Soloists:                                     Ian Belsey (bar)      Stephen Brown (t) 

                         Simon Butteriss (bar.)   Louise Crane (mezzo)       Elinor Jane Moran (s)

   Siobhain O’Higgins (piano)

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                   Choir 91            St. Matthew’s Church


   NOV. 4th.                              VAUGHAN WILLIAMS DONA NOBIS PACEM  

                                                                JENKINS THE ARMED MAN

   Soloists:                  Robyn Allegra Parton (s)            Edmund Saddington (bar.)

   New London Sinfonia

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                   Choir 93          St. John The Evangelist

                                                                                                                                                       Upper Norwood             

   DEC. 10th.                                  A Christmas sing at Boxpark, East Croydon

                                                    (4 - 5pm– a promotional performance)

   DEC. 18th.                         CHRISTMAS CHEER. With mulled wine and mince pies  

                                                         (supporting the Croydon Food Bank)

   Soloist: Tamsin Stevens (s)

   Luca Wade (percussion)

   Ian le Grice (piano/organ)

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                              St. Matthew’s Church



2018  MAR. 24th.                              BRAHMS EIN DEUTSCHES REQUIEM

                                                                 BEETHOVEN SYMPHONY NO. 7

   Soloists:                                   Laura Oldfield (s)      Gareth Brynmor John (bar.)

                                                     Basingstoke Choral Society (122) and CPC (81)

   New London Sinfonia

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                             The Anvil, Basingstoke 

   JUN 16th.                                         ROSSINI PETITE MESSE SOLENNELLE

   Soloists:                            Janet Fairlie (s)     Marta Fontanals-Simmons (mezzo) 

                                                           Nathan Vale (t)      Jack Comerford (b)

   Ian le Grice (harmonium)

   Siobhain O’Higgins (piano)

   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                               Choir 94         Croydon Minster                

   NOV. 17th                                                  CHORAL CLASSICS 




                                                      HANDEL HALLELUJAH CHORUS

Soloist:  Erica Eloff (soprano)  

Crispian Steele-Perkins (trumpet)

Ian le Grice (organ and piano)

Music Director David Gibson                                   Choir 90          Audience 219         St. Mildred’s Church


DEC. 17th.                                                     CHRISTMAS CHEER

Soloist:  Tamsin Stevens

Ian Le Grice (piano/organ)                                                                 Choir 185             St. Matthew’s Church





FEB 26                          Workshop at Shirley Methodist Church

                                                                      With Miriam Allen                                      Choir 46 and 2 visitors



MAR 30                                          MOZART CORONATION MASS

                                                                 HAYDN TE DEUM

                                                                      VIVALDI CONCERTO FOR TWO TRUMPETS

                                                           MOZART EXSULTATE, JUBILATE 

                     Soloists:              Kiandra Howarth (s)     Annabel Kennedy (mezzo) 

                                                         Peter Martin (t)      Edward Jowle (b)

                                                 Crispian Steele-Perkins, Tom Rainer (trumpets)

                                                     With the New London Sinfonia

                                                                   Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                                                                                                      St Mary Magdalene       



   JUN 15                                         STARDUST! Songs from Stage and Screen 

                                      Soloists:             Elinor Jane Moran (s)     John Lofthouse  (b)

                                        Ian le Grice (piano)    Siobhain O’Higgins (piano)

                                                              Conductor: David Gibson                                                                                                                                                                             St Mildred's       



   OCT 26                                                    VERDI REQUIEM 

                                         Soloists:      Erica Eloff (s)     Samantha Price (mezzo) 

                                                           Alberto Sousa (t)      Nicholas Warden (b)

                                           With the London Mozart Players (leader Simon Blendis) 

                                                     Conductor: David Gibson                                           

                                                      Choir 155 Audience 603        Fairfield Halls 


DEC 16                                                 CHRISTMAS CHEER 

                            Soloists: Edmund Saddington (b) Crispian Steele-Perkins (trumpet) 

                                                   Ellen Baumring-Gledhill (cello)  Siobhain O'Higgins (piano)

                                                             St Matthew's, Croydon




202O                                                     No concerts





NOV 14                                                     CHORAL GEMS

                 Faure Cantique, Mozart Laudate Dominum, Franck Panis Angelicus, Goodall 23rd Psalm

                                                                        Soloist: Emma Tring (s) 

                                          With the New London Sinfonia and Basingstoke Choral Society

                                                                    Conductor: David Gibson

                                                                     The Anvil, Basingstoke


DEC 18                                                 CHRISTMAS AT FAIRFIELD

                                                                A concert of festive favourites

                                              With the London Mozart Players (conductor David Swinson)

                                             and the Croydon Citadel Band and guests from Occam Singers

                                                        Choir conducted by David Gibson

                                                                    Fairfield Halls, Croydon






APRIL 2                                                    CARMINA BURANA (Karl Orff)

                              Plus: Rio Grande (Constant Lambert) and Rhapsody in Blue (Leonard Bernstein)

                             With guest singers from Basingstoke Choral Society and Croydon Male Voice Choir 

                                                              Docklands Sinfonia

                                                        Conductor: David Gibson

                                                          Fairfield Halls, Croydon


JUNE 20                                                  TOGETHER

                                             A joint concert with Croydon Male Voice Choir

                                        Soloists: Siobhain O'Higgins (piano), David Terry (organ)                        

                                               Conductors: David Gibson (CPC) and Roger Pinsent (CMVC)

                                                                    Croydon Minster


OCT 9                               HIAWATHA'S WEDDING (Samuel Coleridge-Taylor)

                                         Plus: Violin Concerto (Taylor-Coleridge), Spirit of the Lord (Elgar),

                                                   Fantasia on a Theme from Thomas Tallis (Vaughan Williams)

                                               With the London Mozart Players and Royal Choral Society

                                                        Soloist: Fenella Humphreys (violin)

                                                             Conductor: Richard Cooke (RCS)

                                                               Fairfield Halls, Croydon


DEC 17                                                CHRISTMAS CHEER

                                              Soloists: Jocelyn Coates (soprano), Victoria Rockport (flute),

                                                                     Siobhain O'Higgins (piano) 

                                                                   Conductor: David Gibson

                                                                    St Matthew's, Croydon






APRIL 1                                                        BACH MASS IN B MINOR 

A joint concert with Basingstoke Choral Society 

                                                   WIth the Hanover Band                                          

Soloists: Ana Beard Fernandez (soprano), Anastasia Bevan (soprano),

Tristram Cooke (Counter tenor), James Robinson (tenor), Jack Comerford (bass) 

                                                             Conductor: David Gibson                                                              

The Anvil, Basingstoke 












































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